Additive manufacturing enters the next stage in its evolution at the AHO

28 April 2017
Additive manufacturing research yields sophisticated results like this project from the AHO

A fundamental part of the ongoing development of additive manufacturing is the ongoing research into the technology and its applications within the world of academia. This includes everything from new materials and printing methods to the complementary processes and software that will help expand the technology’s uptake across the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Additive manufacturing research
Image courtesy of the AHO.

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) is leading the way in this field, and recently partnered with RP Platform to streamline and enhance its project workflows for additive manufacturing projects. took a closer look at the partnership between the AHO and RP Platform, the benefits for staff, students and researchers, and its implications for the ongoing evolution of additive manufacturing technology.

Read the piece here.



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