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  • RP Platform transforms the way additive manufacturing companies make use of their email systems

RP Platform transforms the way additive manufacturing companies make use of their email systems

RP Platform have recently launched an innovative feature for fully integrating their software solution with the most widely-used email systems, including Gmail, Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange. The feature was rolled out on May 11th as part of their most recent software update, following a long period of development, testing and consultation with the platform’s longstanding users. The goal is to empower additive manufacturing companies to better manage customer requests and communications and make more effective use of their time and resources.


The update is the latest stage of RP Platform’s ongoing work to seamlessly bring together all the project states and communication channels involved in AM operations. Users will be able to better integrate their email systems with their wider workflow management processes, with no additional admin required of their teams. When any customer requests are received via email, a file will be automatically created within the user’s system to capture all future project communications, with no manual effort required. This will help maintain a higher degree of efficiency, transparency and consistency throughout the entire project lifecycle, from the initial quote to delivery of the printed part.


Company Founder & CEO Keyvan Karimi commented:


“This new feature has been a long time in development. Ever since we launched RP Platform, we’ve seen over and over again that email integration is a huge gap in most AM companies’ workflow management processes, with no solution available that offered the functionality or versatility that AM workflows demand. Given the percentage of customer communication that now takes place via email, this will prove a stumbling block for many AM companies, particularly during this period of rapid growth and innovation the sector is enjoying.


“The new feature has gone live and is already available to all our clients, as is the case with all updates we roll out. Going forward, it will be offered as a standard part of our product for all new users. We’re confident this type of strategic automation will benefit all areas of AM operations, leaving companies perfectly positioned to deliver a better customer journey and uncover innovative new solutions to the sector’s evolving challenges.”