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  • Another Leading Manufacturer Expands its AM Operations

Another Leading Manufacturer Expands its AM Operations

3D Printing Industry recently reported on a major deal between SLM Solutions and BeamIT, a leading Italian manufacturer, with experience in a wide range of sectors. Over the course of several years, SLM will provide BeamIT with 25 cutting-edge 3D printers, to be used to deliver parts for the medical, automotive, aerospace and aeronautic sectors. This deal represents the latest stage of BeamIT’s explorations of AM, particular with regards to metal printing.

We are seeing more and more highly respected specialists in traditional manufacturing methods not just exploring AM, but wholeheartedly committing to it. The rapid expansion of BeamIT’s in-house AM operations is a testament to the progress the technology has made over the past few years. The successful prototyping and production applications of the technology in such demanding sectors as automotive, aerospace and medical have provided AM with a boost in credibility. This, in turn, has opened the door for more companies to begin incorporating AM into their wider project workflows.

Investing in in-house facilities of this scale and calibre will allow BeamIT to explore AM across its full range of geographical locations and for clients in a wide range of industries. Furthermore, it represents an excellent opportunity to properly integrate the new printers into their established workflows, ensuring the technology is applied intelligently and effectively.