ACEO® Unveil New Technology for 3D Printing with Silicone

28 June 2017
ACEO's silicone 3D printing technology

We were highly intrigued when ACEO® — a division of Wacker Chemie and longstanding RP Platform user — unveiled their new technology for 3D printing with silicone at the 2017 Rapid.Tech show. The concept of 3D printing with silicone has been around for some time, but this is the first time it has been successfully implemented and made available for order. ACEO®’s chemists have successfully developed a dissolvable support material that can accommodate the sophisticated designs modern 3D printing customers regularly work with. This has opened the door for this material to be used in a wide range of applications — from detailed prototypes to functional production parts and unique custom designs.

As we would expect from a first-division 3D printing specialist, dedicated printers and software have been created in parallel with the new material, to ensure it can be utilised effectively. Having these elements in place will help boost uptake of the new material and allow it to be incorporated into customers’ project workflows as efficiently as possible. The technology is already being demonstrated at ACEO®’s Open Print Lab, where visitors can explore its possibilities first-hand and enjoy hands-on support from ACEO®’s 3D printing experts.

We look forward to seeing the first 3D printing projects to make full use of this new material and expect it to establish itself as a useful tool across a wide range of industries.




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