TCT Show 2018: The 10 Technologies We’re Most Excited to See

12 September 2018
TCT Show for Additive Manufacturing

Autumn is almost upon us, which means the world of 3D printing is gearing up for this year’s TCT Show — the UK’s leading additive manufacturing trade show and conference programme.
From 25 to 27 September, nearly 300 industry leaders – including AMFG – will gather in Birmingham to showcase the latest in AM systems, software and services. The show, which is expected to host over 10,000 visitors, offers visitors the chance to gain valuable industry insights whilst exploring the latest developments in additive manufacturing.  
So with the TCT Show just around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 technologies we’re most excited to see at this year’s event:

Mimaki Full-Colour 3DUJ-553 3D Printer1. Mimaki’s Full-Colour 3DUJ-553 3D Printer

Japanese manufacturer Mimaki has been a leading player in the inkjet market for a number of years. Now, the company is bringing its inkjet printing expertise into the world of 3D printing, pushing the boundaries of full-colour 3D printing technology.
What’s new: TCT will mark Mimaki’s European debut of its multi-colour 3DUJ-553 3D printer. Shortlisted for the TCT Hardware Award, Mimaki’s machine offers a large build volume of 500 x 500 x 300 mm. Remarkably, it is also capable of printing more than 10 million colours, achieving a high, photorealistic print quality. With this 3D printer, users also are said to be able to print vibrant prototypes and models using strong ABS-like resins whilst eliminating laborious post-processing steps like painting.

TRUMPF TruPrint3000 3D printer2. TRUMPF: TruPrint 3000 3D Printer

Almost a year after unveiling its TruPrint 5000 multi-laser 3D printer at formnext 2017, machine tool and laser system manufacturer TRUMPF will be showcasing its TruPrint 3000 metal 3D printer.
What’s new: With almost 20 years’ expertise in metal additive manufacturing, TRUMPF is a key player in this space. Visitors to the TCT Show will have a chance to see the production process for the TruPrint 3000 system in its entirety. Positioned as a flexible medium-format metal 3D printer, the TruPrint 3000 is designed with a two supply cylinder system which allows the build and powder supply cylinders to be replaced quickly. This reduces downtime whilst increasing machine’s productivity. The system also features a large build volume ( 300 x 400 mm), with its powerful 500 W laser being an impressive addition to TRUMPF’s 3D printer portfolio.
FARO logo

3. FARO’s Design ScanArm 2.0

FARO, a company offering 3D measurement and imaging solutions, has recently launched a new generation of its high-resolution 3D scanners which it will be demonstrating at the TCT Show.
What’s new:  One of the nominees for this year’s TCT Metrology Award, the Design ScanArm 2.0 offers a greater scanning speed compared to previous versions of the scanner. Improved ergonomics also allow the scanning device to produce faster 3D scans with greater accuracy. The Design ScanArm 2.0, which features a battery for portability, is particularly suitable for reverse engineering and creating digital part catalogues.

Stratasys’ Carbon Fibre Fortus 380CF 3D Printer4. Stratasys’ New Carbon Fibre Fortus 380CF 3D Printer

3D printer manufacturer Stratasys is planning to highlight the multi-material capabilities of its AM system and unveil its Fortus 380CF Production 3D Printer in Europe for the first time. 
What’s new: Stratasys will be showcasing its Fortus 380CF, a specialised FDM 3D printer, making the TCT Show the first European appearance of the AM system. The Fortus 380CF uses a carbon fibre-reinforced nylon material with excellent mechanical properties. The machine is suitable for prototyping as well as producing high-quality plastic parts which can, in some applications, replace certain metal components. Visitors will also have a chance to see the range of capabilities of Stratasys’ machines, including composite tooling and advanced multi-material and full-colour 3D printing.    
BigRep_Studio 3D printer

5. BigRep’s STUDIO 3D Printer

This year’s TCT Show will see German 3D printer manufacturer BigRep showcasing its large-format 3D printer BigRep STUDIO – a notable addition to the BigRep product line of professional FDM 3D printers.
What’s new: Launched for industrial production in 2017, the BigRep STUDIO is an enclosed workhorse 3D printer with a large build volume of 1000 x 500 x 500 mm. The machine offers a compact design and practical features such as the ability to resume the printing process after power failure. The continuous printing process of large objects with optimised speed and precision at the affordable price point makes the BigRep STUDIO  system one to keep an eye out for at the show.  

Simufact logo6. Simufact’s 3rd Generation Simulation Software

Simufact is a German developer of simulation software for metal 3D printing. The company’s software provides a simulation environment for the key metal AM process steps, including printing, heat treatment, part removal from a build plate, and supports removal.
What’s new: Simufact will be highlighting the new features of its Simufact Additive 3.1 software. Visitors will be able to learn about the novel features of the Simufact Additive 3.1 package, including evaluating the best possible print orientation, simultaneously modelling the printing process with multiple parts within one building space and predicting thermal behaviour within a part.

7. Ultimaker’s New Ultimaker S5 3D Printer

One of the biggest players in the professional desktop 3D printing market, Ultimaker will be showcasing its dual-extrusion 3D printer.  
What’s new: Ultimaker S5 is the latest and largest machine in Ultimaker’s FDM systems portfolio. The machine combines a dual extrusion, improved feeder system and advanced connectivity features in an attempt to further improve reliability and efficiency in the 3D printing process. In addition to a new machine, visitors will have a chance to take a look at various industrial use cases, demonstrating the value of desktop manufacturing for industrial applications.

8. Europac 3D’s End-to-End 3D Printing Solutions

Europac 3D is a UK supplier of 3D printing and scanning equipment. At this year’s TCT Show, the company plans to demonstrate its range of end-to-end solutions for 3D printing processes.
What’s new: Occupying one of the biggest stands at TCT this year, Europac 3D will provide visitors with a firsthand look at HP’s Multi Jet Fusion system and the technologies from SLA 3D printer manufacturer UnionTech. During the show, Europac will also be 3D printing a range of sunglasses, showcasing the power of mass customisation unlocked by the technology.

9. BASF’s Materials and Solutions for 3D Printing

BASF logoGlobal chemical company BASF is renowned for its production of 3D printing materials. The company is working on new developments in the fields of photocurable resins, plastic powders and filaments and regularly makes waves with new launches and successful applications.
What’s new: This year, BASF’s subsidiary BASF 3D Printing Solutions will be exhibiting at the TCT Show for the first time, sharing valuable industry insights and expertise within the realm of 3D printing materials. Visitors can expect to learn more about high-performance plastics which enable functional parts, as well as the company’s service solutions.  

10. Xaar’s High Laydown Technology 

Xaar logoXaar, a UK-based manufacturer of inkjet printheads, hit the headlines this summer with news of the company’s new business venture with Stratasys. Now, the company is set to exhibit at the TCT Show for the first time. 
What’s new: Xaar’s High Laydown Technology can greatly increase the build rate for Material Jetting systems. When integrated with Xaar printheads, the technology allows high viscosity fluids to be used with material jetting 3D printers, opening a whole new range of possible 3D printable materials. Additionally, the technology achieves fast material deposition rates and enables the production of 3D printed parts with improved mechanical properties.

Meet AMFG at TCT 2018

AMFG - Production Automation for Additive Manufacturing
This year’s TCT Show promises to be an exciting display of the latest innovations in3D printing – and the AMFG team is excited to be exhibiting again this year. Join us at Stand J42, where we’ll be showcasing our AI-driven workflow automation software platform for additive manufacturing. 
Also, make sure to visit the TCT Introducing Stage where our CEO Keyvan Karimi and Dr Martin Baumers from the University of Nottingham will be discussing
how AI and automation will transform additive manufacturing

We look forward to seeing you there!



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