Emo Hannover: A Hub of International Industry

17 October 2023
EMO Hannover 2023

EMO Hannover returned this September after a four-year break, with a delegation from AMFG in attendance. “1,850 exhibitors from 42 countries showcased their latest machines, solutions, and services for industrial production at the world’s leading trade fair for production technology,” according to Carl Martin Welcker, General Commissioner of EMO Hannover at the opening press conference.

The industry fair is an important platform for all aspects of manufacturing technology, focusing on three mega topics: The Future of Business, The Future of Connectivity, and The Future of Sustainability in Production. The latest machines were showcased at EMO Hannover, including Computer Numerical Control, 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing.

Welcker highlighted the importance of these technologies for the future of the manufacturing industry: “When digitalization finds its way into the factory, there is no end to the potential for new solutions and increased efficiency.”

EMO Hannover 2023
Image: EMO Hannover

An International Hub for Decision-Makers

The event covered the entire production technology value chain, discussing technical solutions, trends, and innovations. The event drew in 92,000 visitors, as well as experts, decision-makers, and suppliers from all over the world, including China, Italy, Taiwan, Switzerland and Japan

More than half of the attendees were visiting EMO Hannover for the first time, corresponding with the objectives of exhibitors to attract new business. Around 60% of event attendees held executive or top management positions, and nearly 50% arrived at the trade fair with concrete investment plans, highlighting EMO Hannover’s importance to these industries’ decision-makers.

EMO Hannover 2023
Image: EMO Hannover

Showcased Technologies 

The trade fair showcased a broad array of production technology;  from production systems and tools to measuring equipment, software, and controls. The sheer variety of presentations highlighted the current challenges facing industrial production, including efficiency enhancement, flexibility, and automation, among others. Automation was a particular focus, due to a market-wide shortage of skilled workers, with visitors highlighting it as a key issue for the industry.

EMO also attracted a high number of robots. In an exciting industry development, employees no longer need it is no longer necessary to have programming skills in order to operate cobots (collaborative robots) for different applications such as quality control, connecting to measuring devices, and painting, among others. The cobots have sensors that mimic the human sense of touch, allowing them to work around obstacles in the workspace. This allows for enclosure-free operation. 


Sonnenwagen Covestro Adelie
Image: Sonnenwagen

Sonnenwagen: Covestro Adelie

Solar power shone brightly at EMO Hannover, with the display of Sonnenwagen’s newest solar-powered racing car: Covestro Adelie. Its racing debut is set to be the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge this October, the world’s toughest solar race in Australia. This grueling 3,000-kilometer route from Darwin to Adelaide, right across the Australian outback, will push car and team to their limits. The harsh climatic conditions and high levels of UV exposure during the race, as well as the mechanical stresses, will test the durability of the car, and the efficiency and performance of its battery. 

With an as-yet-undiscovered top speed, this three-wheeled solar racer is covered in 4 m² of Mono Si solar cells with a 25% efficiency rate. Covestro Adelie’s aerodynamic outer shell was made from milled SikaBlock® polyurethane foam blocks from Sika, a long-standing partner of Covestro and sponsor of Team Sonnenwagen. 

Nano Cemented Carbide

Hunan Boyun-Dongfang Powder Metallurgy Co Ltd (PM) stood out at EMO 2023, displaying its large-scale manufacturing of nano-cemented carbide. PM is one of the few companies in the world capable of this feat with an integral technique that has reached an international leading level.

The hardness and bending strength of the cemented carbide reach impressive levels of 2,060 HV30 and 5,710 MPa respectively. PM’s nano-cemented carbide is mainly used in the aerospace industry for processing high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, and carbon fiber composite materials. The material is also applied in processing and coating motor shells and shafts for new energy vehicles, in addition to producing high-end cutting tools for processing high-hardness mold materials.

Mapal Mega Deep Drill
Image: MAPAL

Mapal’s Mega Deep Drill

Another highlight was technology company Mapal’s new Mega-Deep-Drill-Steel product range up to 40 x D, specially designed for machining steel and cast iron. Using high-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) technology in the cutting-edge area, the solid carbide deep drills are optimally protected with an innovative coating, ensuring frictionless chip removal.

Mapal also presented a new series of cylindrical shank reamers with brazed cutting edges: the FixReam 700. These reamers have high usability due to their expansion system. Each tool can undergo up to two regrinding cycles before its cutting edges need to be rebrazed. Following this, you can perform two additional regrinding operations before replacing the cutting edges once more and regrinding the tool twice more. One reamer therefore has nine tool lives, reducing tool costs by up to 15%

Event Focuses

The event put particular focus on the issue of sustainability in manufacturing, with 68 percent of visitors flagging it as a high priority. Important sustainability topics such as product carbon footprint and energy-efficient design were covered by exhibitors, showcasing the industry’s spotlighting of its carbon footprint reduction.

Despite the tense economic situation following the COVID-19 pandemic, Welcker stated that “there was a positive mood at the event,” and that, “the relaunch has been a huge success for EMO Hannover.”


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