AMFG’s Instant Quote Tool: A Step Forward in Automation

23 October 2023
raising machine shop revenue

AMFG’s Instant Quote Tool: A Step Forward in Automation

Manufacturing as an industry is embracing the movement into automation, particularly in CNC machining. This is a result of challenges, including labor shortages and ever-increasing costs due to spikes in energy and materials prices. 

The skilled labor shortage is affecting all areas of manufacturing, with Deloitte predicting US manufacturing will suffer from 2.1 million unfulfilled vacancies by 2030. Alongside fewer experienced workers, labor costs are rising, leading to a skilled labor vacuum. Job openings are affected by high levels of retirement, a particular issue for the manufacturing and engineering industry, with 2.5 million opportunities available due to an aging workforce. Therefore, implementing new strategies such as automation allows for the expansion of knowledge and lessens the inherent need for a vast human workforce. 

Businesses are currently feeling the benefits of increased automation, saving time and costs. Here at AMFG, we are dedicated to increasing contract manufacturers’ revenue. With our instant quotation tool, we integrate with your emails to accelerate the quoting process. Through the use of our unique similarity analysis and feature recognition, we can price RFQs instantly. This allows our customers to quote quicker and more accurately than their competitors, winning more RFQs, and generating more revenue! 

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Solution Requirements

Quicker response times are proven to generate business, with 78% of customers reporting that they purchase from a company that responds to their lead first. In addition, companies generally take 24 hours or more to respond, with only 7% having the capability to respond within 5 minutes. 

Whereas manual quoting previously relied on time-consuming calculations and expert knowledge, our Instant Quote tool minimizes the time taken and the scope of human error. AMFG’s instant quote tool enables our customers to automate and streamline their quoting process to drive revenue, cutting quoting times down to mere minutes. 

How does AMFG provide a Solution?

AMFG’s Instant Quote Tool

Rather than quotes being collated manually, often leading to an arduous and time-consuming back and forth, AMFG’s Instant Quote tool can generate quotes according to sophisticated algorithms that are built in accordance with your current quoting logic. This allows businesses to increase their quoting capability, without reducing the quality of their interactions with customers. We link your email so you can quickly and easily turn email RFQs into quotes using our ticket function. 

Live Order Management

Streamline your order management process with our software, designed to empower clients to efficiently handle orders from internal and external users. With AMFG’s software, you can effortlessly generate work plans and obtain precise job costing, ensuring complete transparency and visibility throughout your operations. We prioritize meeting delivery deadlines by providing accurate production time estimations and real-time status tracking.

Seamless Collaboration and Communication

Connect your engineering, production, and suppliers seamlessly through AMFG. Our integrated messaging and project management tools make communication a breeze. Users can easily add comments, and annotations, or submit tickets for specific production jobs, enabling a clear and efficient workflow that keeps all stakeholders informed.

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Real-Time Order Tracking

Track order status across every stage of the workflow to guarantee timely deliveries. Our real-time status updates offer comprehensive visibility into all work orders and shipments, allowing you to stay on top of your production cycle and keep all involved parties in the loop.

Quoting for CNC – How it works

Our instant quote tool is simple and easy to use and is the means for customers to request a quote. The portal accepts 30+ different file types; PDF, STEP, DWG, DXF, and more.

Our software utilizes advanced feature recognition to determine the production processes required to meet the needs of our customers. This feature, coupled with a similarity analysis of previous jobs, gives our tool the ability to produce a highly accurate estimate of price and production time.  What’s more, it’s instant!

The ability to have instantaneous quoting lessens delays on both sides and reduces the likelihood of machines sitting idle. If quotes are the biggest indicator of whether business will be secured in the first place, then where better to streamline the process?

Our system uses machine learning to remember past jobs and orders. This allows our tool to retain our customers’ job knowledge in order to better inform future quotes and create a smoother user experience.

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Next Steps

Discover the myriad benefits of automation for your business. In today’s competitive landscape, it is imperative to maximize the use of individual time and skills. Our cutting-edge software streamlines the pre-production process, significantly reducing the administrative workload on skilled employees. This ensures that our clients gain a strong competitive edge.

With features like the Instant Quote tool, end-to-end order management, and live inventory management, AMFG’s solutions empower you to save both time and money, potentially revolutionizing your business. Explore how AMFG can supercharge your automation journey today.


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