Latest Developments in Additive Manufacturing: November 2023

29 November 2023
AM November 2023 (1)

The Additive Manufacturing landscape is constantly evolving, with new developments and innovations reshaping the future. From new software and 3D printing machines, to 3d- printed weapons systems and water taxis, additive manufacturing is shaping the future of the manufacturing industry, and the world.

Read on to discover all the latest advancements this month.

Image: Al Seer Marine

3D Printed Boat Brings Home World Record

Additive manufacturing has made a splash in the maritime sector, shaping vessels from kayaks to opulent super yachts. While renowned for its role in aiding at-sea part production and mitigating supply chain disruptions, its scope now extends to crafting entire boats. A prime example is the groundbreaking 3D-printed water taxi jointly developed by Al Seer Marine and Abu Dhabi Maritime. Not only a practical feat, this innovative vessel recently clinched a Guinness World Record as the largest 3D printed boat ever, signifying a significant leap in maritime technology.

The University of Maine claimed the last two world records for the largest 3D-printed boat. Initially, their Advanced Structures and Composites Center fashioned the 3Dirigo, a 25-foot, 5000-lb vessel, using what they touted as the world’s largest 3D printer. Subsequently, the university surpassed this feat by crafting a patrol boat for the U.S. Marines, purportedly twice the size of the 3Dirigo, although specific details remain undisclosed. 

The 3D-printed water taxi has seized this record, securing a new Guinness distinction, measuring 11.98 m or 39.3 feet in length, with the weight as yet unknown.  But its size isn’t everything. 

Al Seer Marine, actively utilizing additive manufacturing since launching its AM business unit in January 2022, emphasizes the sustainability aspect of 3D printing in shipbuilding. This philosophy drove the creation of their 3D-printed water taxi, leveraging 67% recycled materials. This groundbreaking step signifies a substantial leap towards environmentally conscious water transportation.

Announcing the 3D-printed water taxi, Al Seer Marine stated, “This milestone is not just a record-breaking feat; it’s a call to action for the industry to adopt greener technologies. Let’s continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability, setting a precedent for the future of transportation worldwide.” 

Revolutionary Innovations Tempus
Image: Renishaw

Renishaw Unveils Tempus

 Renishaw, the renowned British engineering company, has unveiled TEMPUS, a cutting-edge technology designed to significantly enhance build speeds for its RenAM 500 series metal 3D printers. With TEMPUS, users can now experience up to a 50% boost in print speeds while maintaining uncompromised part quality. 

Renishaw has also introduced the RenAM 500 Ultra, a model pre-equipped with TEMPUS and featuring advanced process monitoring software. This addition complements the machine’s existing capabilities, including high-powered lasers (either one in the 500S or four in the 500Q) and automated powder and waste handling systems. Explore the enhanced efficiency and advanced features of Renishaw’s latest offerings for optimal metal 3D printing experiences. 

Louise Callanan, Director of Additive Manufacturing at Renishaw, stated; “We’re excited to bring TEMPUS technology and the new RenAM 500 Ultra system to the market. We believe the time and cost savings that both TEMPUS technology and the RenAM 500 Ultra system bring will open AM up to mass production applications where the technology would previously have been unviable.”

Formnext banner
Image: Mesago

Formnext 2023

Formnext, the international additive manufacturing trade show, reported another success this year, with a diverse range of exhibitors, presentations, and new machines on display. Cutting-edge robotic 3D printing systems, nanotechnology solutions, FDM desktop solutions, and artificial intelligence solutions could all be found in the halls of Formnext.

 For more details, see the full article on Formnext here.

Based in Frankfurt, the trade show enjoyed 32,851 visitors, an increase of 11.1% from last year, and presentations from almost 900 exhibitors. “With the unparalleled concentration of innovations, decision-makers, and AM experts, the event offered a unique trade fair experience. Formnext provides a roadmap for the evolution of cutting-edge manufacturing industries,” – Sascha F. Wenzler, Vice President for Formnext at event organizer Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH.

Latest developments in additive manufacturing
Image: US Army/ Wikimedia Commons

Ursa Major’s 3D-printed Rockets

Propulsion firm, Ursa Major, has unveiled Lynx, a 3D printing-centered method for crafting solid rocket motors. This approach involves using a single 3D printer to produce motor cases and components initially for smaller systems, aiming to transform solid rocket motor production and augment the US’s stockpile of weapons like Javelin, Stinger, and GMRLS missiles.

The strategy aims to address limitations in solid rocket motor production, offering rapid adaptability without hefty retooling costs. Ursa Major’s CEO, Joe Laurienti, stressed the need for a nuanced approach to revamp the industry and identified a crucial aspect: Lynx’s ability to swiftly transition production between various rocket motor models.

This innovation streamlines production by fabricating some components together in one piece, reducing parts, increasing automation, and significantly cutting costs. Lynx’s 3D printing capabilities allow for swift production of about 50 small engine cases in three days, a process that would traditionally take around a month.

Ursa Major plans to reveal the first system utilizing Lynx by year-end and another in early 2024, with ambitions to extend Lynx to parts for up to four systems by the end of 2024, aiming for three Lynx 3D printing cells within a year. The company’s vision for additive manufacturing in rocket production could potentially alleviate production gaps in critical weapons programs.

Image: 1000 Kelvin

Prepare to be AMAIZEd

Berlin-based software company 1000 Kelvin has announced the launch of its AI-driven software, AMAIZE, at Formnext 2023. Partnering with 3D printer manufacturers like EOS and other key clients, such as a California-based rocket launch provider, the company’s expansion, buoyed by a $3 million funding, includes a Los Angeles presence to cater to the aerospace and defense industry.

AMAIZE, utilizing physics-informed AI technology, optimizes 3D printing processes by analyzing uploaded print files to the AMAIZE cloud. By automatically adjusting parameters to address thermo-mechanical issues, it minimizes the need for costly finite element simulations and multiple physical iterations, ultimately reducing material waste, costs, and energy consumption.

Omar Fergani, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CEO of 1000 Kelvin, states, “The manufacturing and production sector accounts for one-fifth of global carbon emissions and 54% of the world’s energy usage. 3D printing has the unique ability to address these issues, but not until it works consistently. By improving the efficiency and reducing the waste associated with 3D printing, while making the technology easier to use, AMAIZE contributes to a more sustainable future.”

The software’s successful integration with multiple machine OEMs signals a transformative step in additive manufacturing, with notable success stories in energy, aerospace, and contract manufacturing. For instance, a rocket launch provider faced 3D print failures due to overheating and insufficient support structures, but with AMAIZE, they achieved an 80% reduction in supports, leading to over 30% cost savings per part by addressing thermal management issues and streamlining the process.


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