IntelliJeni: AMFG & Innovate UK to Pioneer AI-Enabled Manufacturing

08 March 2024

London, March 2024: AMFG is excited to announce that we are partnering with Photocentric and Intellegens in a £0.5m project funded by Innovate UK to create AI-enabled, robotic, high-speed digital manufacturing named IntelliJeni. 

Innovate UK, the investment research arm of the UK Government has allocated £3.7 million to support innovative smart factory projects. Photocentric is taking the lead in the IntelliJeni initiative, alongside AMFG and Intellegens, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to pioneer the creation of autonomous components through the world’s first-ever autonomous manufacturing process utilizing arrays of LCD-driven 3D printers. This endeavor builds upon the success of a previous £2.5 million Innovate project, LEAD (Low Energy Autonomous Digital) factory, spearheaded by Photocentric. The LEAD factory project involved the design, assembly, and validation of a groundbreaking digital production line capable of manufacturing a diverse range of products, including electronic components, auto parts, dental models, and figurines.

AMFG aims to develop a comprehensive set of features that will significantly enhance the project’s capabilities. One key aspect involves seamless integration with Photocentric’s modular machine, a strategic move that will notably augment AMFG’s machine monitoring and machine control functionalities. Additionally, the implementation of an auto-scheduling system is on the agenda, allowing for the streamlining and optimization of production processes. The ultimate goal is to establish a fully automated workflow, empowering users with the efficiency and reliability required in the dynamic landscape of additive manufacturing.

As an integral part of the, Intellegens assumes a crucial role in advancing additive manufacturing capabilities. Their primary objective is to optimize print parameters in real time through the strategic application of Machine Learning. 

In a groundbreaking endeavor, the IntelliJeni project strives to establish a transformative digital ecosystem, ushering in a self-optimizing era for the 3D printing process. This revolutionary innovation holds the promise of accelerating manufacturing timelines, reducing costs, and fostering environmental sustainability across the entire production lifecycle.

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Central to the IntelliJeni initiative is the aspiration to revolutionize the creation of plastic parts through the scalable deployment of an automated concept machine. At the heart of this endeavor is “Jeni,” a modular, turnkey automated 3D printing solution designed to elevate productivity, enhance resource and energy efficiency, and promote the widespread adoption of digital technology while concurrently facilitating localized manufacturing.

The IntelliJeni project will develop an innovative, flexible, and modular robotic system called Jeni that addresses several technical barriers in manufacturing processes. The project focuses on delivering productivity, sustainability, and resilience improvements within factory production settings by utilizing late-stage robotics, automation, and digital development to enable the adoption of 3D Printing technologies for high-volume production of parts.

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