MDST Implements AMFG to Supercharge AM Processes

26 March 2024

London, February 2024: AMFG is thrilled to announce that we are partnering with MDST Design, to implement our additive manufacturing solution and Instant Quote tool in their software, to enhance their efficiency, and improve their RFQ time and customer interactions.

MDST Design, based in San Diego, California, is the go-to partner for turning imaginative concepts into exceptional products. The team is committed to a holistic approach, seamlessly merging creativity with feasibility. Whether clients are visionary startups or established companies looking to elevate their product lines, MDST Design possesses the knowledge, skills, and experience to navigate the entire product development journey.


The Problem

Commenting on the challenges that the company faced before implementing AMFG, Matt Campobasso, MDST’s Senior Technical Engineer highlighted, “I wanted a way to help streamline my quoting and manufacturing process for 3D Printing. I believe people should be able to get physical parts in their hands as soon as possible, and this assists with that. Now, my clients can upload a part, have it quoted, and you can pay for it instantly. You don’t necessarily have to wait up to 24 hours for a quote. However, we more than welcome email inquiries for people looking to help dial in materials or designs for the prototyping process!

What distinguishes MDST Design is its unique blend of technical expertise and innovative thinking. They not only captivate minds but also ensure that ideas meet real-world demands. Their iterative design process, coupled with advanced prototyping and testing, ensures that products not only meet but exceed industry standards.


The Solution


Elaborating on his reasoning for choosing our solution, Campobasso stated, “AMFG was able to meet my needs in terms of contract length and pricing. I’m an early-stage startup where costs are critical, so I was grateful for AMFG meeting me halfway on this. Not to mention, the implementation process was quick and easy – AMFG’s Customer Success team did an amazing job of helping me through it.

MDST Design offers a comprehensive suite of services, including meticulous research to fuel the creative process and establish a foundation for exceptional product development. In concept development, the team transforms research insights into innovative ideas through rigorous brainstorming, seamlessly integrating technology and design to address market gaps. Their rapid prototyping services utilize cutting-edge techniques to refine every design intricacy before the evolution into a final product. For low-volume production, MDST Design provides tailored solutions by leveraging a network of suppliers and in-house capabilities, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and efficient processes that deliver the same quality and precision of successful market products.


The Results


Since implementation, AMFG has supercharged MDST’s quoting process, as Campobasso highlighted, “We’re able to focus more on 3D Printing and Post-Processing versus analyzing models and quoting. This helps us turn out parts faster with a higher quality, ever than before! I’m grateful a service like this exists, as it helps bring the world towards testing their parts much faster which can assist some clients in getting to market quicker.”

AMFG’s Implementation Consultant Priya Flora commented on the success of the implementation: “Our partnership with MDST has shown how AMFG can instantly transform the ordering process for customers by generating instant, accurate prices. It has been an interesting and engaging experience developing various pricing models with Matt. The subsequent automation in order management and workflow makes MDST a strong use case for showcasing the benefits of AMFG. It has been a pleasure working with Matt over the past few weeks, I look forward to our continued partnership and seeing MDST set new standards in design and manufacturing for the AM industry.”

We look forward to seeing MDST go from strength to strength.



AMFG is a leading provider of MES software for manufacturing. Our software solutions empower manufacturers, allowing them to manage their workflows and achieve streamlined, automated processes.

With over 500 successful implementations in 35 countries and across a range of industries, we specialize in enabling companies to successfully integrate our software for AM and CNC production, into their wider manufacturing processes and scale their AM operations. For more information, please visit or contact:

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