​Workflow Software Platform for 3D Printing Service Bureaus

AMFG is an end-to-end workflow software platform that helps 3D printing service bureaus streamline the quoting process, manage customer communication and coordinate internal workflows — so that you can focus on growing your business.

​​​​Improve your quoting and operations, increase efficiency and revenue

Streamline your entire workflowsAutomated QuotationsCustomer management and communicationProject managementPart and Build preparationProduction schedulingMachine integration

Trusted by leading 3D printing service bureaus worldwide

Capture new customers

​Use AMFG’s customer website application and auto-quoting tool to give your customers an easy way to receive instant, accurate quotations. Offer your customers dedicated customer accounts, complete with purchase history, payment, billing and contact details. You also have complete pricing flexibility, including setting your own discount rates and providing an unlimited number of payment methods.

Choose the solutions that work best for you 

AMFG offers the widest scope of any workflow software, so you can choose the solutions that best fit your needs. Our flexible, modular platform lets you choose from a range of modules, from automated quotations right through to production management — and everything in between. And if you’re already using other tools like CRM, ERP or accounting, AMFG seamlessly integrates, so you can be sure all of your data is synchronised.

Streamline your operations

AMFG allows you to manage all of your projects and internal workflows from one, centralised platform. Use our project management tools to automatically convert and repair files for print, view all incoming orders and easily manage your entire production and post-processing scheduling

Dedicated customer support team

At AMFG, we’re dedicated to your success. Our customer support team will work closely with you to provide ongoing support throughout the trial and onboarding periods to ensure that you’re 100% guaranteed to get the very best results out of the platform.

Trusted by leading 3D printing service bureaus worldwide

With customers in over 20 countries, we work hard to develop solutions to help you solve your biggest challenges.

Bowman Additive Production logo

“Compared to the other solutions on the market, AMFG is the only one that provides an effective means of tracking our projects, scheduling production jobs and ensuring that all of our parts are tracked as they move along the production workflow. This added visibility is exactly what we need as we expand our additive manufacturing capacity.”

Jacob Turner

Head of Additive Production, Bowman Additive Production

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“AMFG’s online quoting tool perfectly matched our need to have a simple and intuitive front-end platform for our customers. It’s simplified our customers’ journey and helped them to quickly send orders through the platform straight to our sales and production teams. This, in turn, has helped us streamline our internal project management operations.”

Sebastian Romo

Founder & CEO, Tridi Mx

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“With AMFG, we’ve found an end-to-end solution which not only takes care of the auto-quoting in a more user-friendly and intuitive way, but also takes care of managing production, which is a huge advantage for us.”

Christina Perla

Co-Founder & CEO, Makelab

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