About AMFG

We firmly believe in the transformative potential of industrial 3D printing: a new era of production for
the digital age, where products can be produced more efficiently and on demand — thanks to 3D printing
and digital manufacturing.
However, to achieve this we need automation.

Achieving Efficiency
through Automation

At AMFG, we aim to solve the biggest challenge for additive manufacturing departments today: inefficiency.
AMFG provides the leading workflow automation software for additive manufacturing. Our platform is the
industry’s only end-to-end workflow solution, integrating machine learning technology to deliver
streamlined, automated production processes. We work with global companies to ensure that their additive
manufacturing operations are fully automated, scalable and efficient.

Headquartered in London, AMFG has become the workflow software solution of choice for leading enterprises
seeking to integrate 3D printing into their wider manufacturing operations. Our name, AMFG — short for
Autonomous Manufacturing — reflects the full scope of our software as a complete production management
solution tailored specifically to the unique needs of additive production.

Our Values

Put customers first

At AMFG, our customers are our core focus. That’s why we’re committed to delivering the right solutions
to help our customers solve their most pressing problems.

Strive for excellence

We pride ourselves on continuously striving to develop innovative solutions to help companies unleash
the full potential of additive manufacturing.

Think big

Our team is passionate about delivering results. This means being bold, taking risks and going beyond

Board of directors

Keyvan Karimi

As CEO and founder of AMFG, Keyvan has a background in managing complex technology projects in
the automotive, retail and banking sectors.

Peter Brooks

Peter is the former managing director of Lloyds Bank LDC and founder of Sovereign Capital. He
has over 30 years’ experience in investing in and raising money for unquoted growth companies.

Mike Hughes

The president of Schneider Electrics (UK/IE), Mike has over 25 years’ experience in IT and
industrial automation with global management roles in Germany, China and the UK.

Adrian Williams

Adrian is the managing director of Future Materials Group. He has held a number of senior
management and director positions in the UK, Europe and North America.