Automotive OEMs and suppliers are discovering the value of additive manufacturing for prototyping, tooling and production. But scaling up AM production means having streamlined and connected AM workflows. AMFG’s MES software enables automotive companies to manage their entire AM operations and supply chains from one platform.

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Streamline and centralise orders

AMFG’s MES software offers a centralised platform for engineers to process and manage orders. With real-time part tracking, engineers can ensure that delivery deadlines are met. Generate work plans and provide accurate job costing for complete transparency and visibility.

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Ramp up AM production and achieve complete traceability

AMFG’s software supports the expansion of your operations, allowing you to increase the number of facilities and add new 3D printers to your network. Monitor production in real time and achieve a global overview of all production centres to maximise efficiency and rapidly scale up 3D printing production.

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Create streamlined, digital supply chains

Connect with existing suppliers and subcontractors across your supply chain. AMFG allows you to securely outsource production and post-processing jobs to subcontractors, whilst ensuring complete, end-to-end traceability across your organisation’s supply chain.

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Enable repeatable, on-demand production

Create and manage a digital inventory for standard parts, including spare parts and tooling. Set production parameters in advance to allow users to instantly reorder parts for production and ensure production repeatability.

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49% of automotive companies are already investing in digital, smart factories

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