Consumer Goods

In today’s competitive landscape, AM is enabling Consumer Goods companies to innovate quickly and stay ahead of the competition. But successfully managing AM workflows and ensuring faster time-to-market means having the right digital solutions in place.

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Centralise orders and streamline AM processes

Manage and process all orders centrally with AMFG’s MES software. Generate work plans and provide accurate job costing for complete transparency and visibility. Ensure that delivery deadlines are met with real-time status tracking.

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Scale up AM production and achieve complete traceability

AMFG’s software supports the expansion of your operations, allowing you to increase the number of 3D printers and facilities in your network. Achieve a global overview of all production sites for complete visibility and use Production Planning tools to manage AM production across multiple sites.

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Enable digital supply chains for on-demand production

Connect with and achieve full visibility across your organisation’s supply chain. AMFG’s MES software connects OEMs and suppliers for greater production flexibility and faster turnaround times. Easily route orders for external production to achieve true on-demand manufacturing.

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Maintain quality standards and ensure process control

Ensure that products meet the required quality and regulatory standards. AMFG’s Quality Management System logs all part quality and production data to give you full process control and ensure that final parts meet the right specifications.

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Over 60% of consumer goods companies view additive manufacturing as a strategic opportunity

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