Scale AM production and maximise efficiency

Optimise capacity and achieve complete visibility across your operations

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Ramp up AM production and achieve repeatability

Use dynamic scheduling to prioritise production jobs and assign work orders based on machine availability. Achieve repeatable AM production with integrated build preparation tools, that allow you to optimise print builds and set optimal build parameters.

Achieve complete traceability across production

Enable complete traceability, down to single process steps. Track and trace all activity on the production floor, including machine status and material usage. AMFG’s Production Planning System offers a global overview of all production sites and allows you to plan AM production centrally from any location.

Use data to achieve actionable insights

Turn data into actionable insights. Capture data at every stage of production to identify bottlenecks, optimise processes and maximise production capacity. Track failed vs. completed production jobs for greater operational insight and use production data to analyse and report on ROI.

“The benefit of AMFG is that it gives us a way to manage the entire additive manufacturing process from beginning to end. This added visibility is exactly what we need as we expand our additive manufacturing capacity.”

Jacob Turner

Head of Additive Production, Bowman Additive Production

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