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AMFG Supports Blender

Blender is an open-source CAD software tool that can be used to produce designs for 3D printed models. AMFG’s automation software supports the Blender file format,helping you connect and streamline your entire additive manufacturing production.


CAD data is an integral part of the 3D printing process. That’s why AMFG makes it easy for design and engineering teams to securely convert Blender CAD files to STL, for a seamless 3D printing workflow.

Seamless connectivity

Create a seamless 3D printing workflow through AMFG’s automation software. Our customisable solution lets you go from design to production in only a fraction of the time.

Simple setup

Offering the next generation of workflow automation for additive manufacturing, AMFG can be integrated into your IT infrastructure with no impact on your other enterprise systems.

Greater flexibility

Create a flexible and reliable infrastructure for your entire additive manufacturing processes, and continue to drive innovation.

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