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AMFG Integrates with Dassault ENOVIA

AMFG’s integration solution with Dassault ENOVIA gives you the flexibility to connect your entire additive manufacturing workflows to the rest of your enterprise. Our integration solutions provides a seamless data flow, enabling all of your systems and processes to work together efficiently.


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems are vital in today’s manufacturing landscape. That’s why AMFG provides a seamless integration between the platform and your Dassault ENOVIA PLM system — giving you full visibility across your production and providing greater efficiency. 

Seamless connectivity

Synchronise all production and request data between AMFG and Dassault ENOVIA in real time, so you can manage your operations in one place.

Simple setup

AMFG integrates seamlessly into your IT infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and secure integration, with no impact on your other business applications.

Greater flexibility

Create a flexible and reliable infrastructure for your entire manufacturing processes and supply chain, and ensure a fully scalable process.

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