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AMFG Integrates with SAP PLM

SAP is one of the leading providers of PLM software, with SAP PLM offering companies a means of tracking all product and operational processes. AMFG’s automation software for additive manufacturing can be seamlessly integrated with SAP PLM to provide you greater efficiency and and seamless digital thread.


The era of digital manufacturing is here: AMFG’s integration with SAP PLM allows you to achieve streamlined, connected workflows, by connecting your additive manufacturing operations to your wider enterprise and allowing you to manage your entire operational processes from one, centralised location. Create a flexible and reliable infrastructure for your entire additive manufacturing processes, and continue to drive innovation. 

Seamless integration

Synchronise all production and request data between AMFG and SAP PLM in real time, so you can manage your data and production processes in a single location.

Simple setup

AMFG integrates seamlessly into your IT infrastructure, with no impact on your other enterprise systems.

Maximum efficiency

Integrating AMFG with Infor PLM allows you to streamline your production operations, giving you greater efficiency across the board.

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