10 Industries You Won’t Believe Are Being Disrupted by 3D Printing

19 July 2018 9:58
As 3D printing continues to evolve, advancements in the technology have already forged new trends and unlocked new possibilities for key industries like aerospace, automotive and medical. But the disruptive impact of 3D printing is not limited to these well-known cases - the ...
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3D Printing with Resins: An Introduction

16 July 2018 14:27
Resins are a big part of materials research within 3D printing, and are ideal for quickly producing parts with a high level of accuracy. 3D printing resins are liquid photopolymers, primarily used with technologies such as Stereolithography (SLA) and Material Jetting.   To help ...
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8 Ways Industrial 3D Printing is Transforming Manufacturing

13 July 2018 14:18
As the market for industrial 3D printing continues to grow, industrial goods manufacturers are experiencing the transformative impact of the technology. From reduced lead times to on-demand production and new, innovative approaches to design, 3D printing offers the industrial goods sector a means ...
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6 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Design for Additive Manufacturing

11 July 2018 17:16
As additive manufacturing evolves, optimising designs for the technology is becoming ever-more important to unlocking the full potential of the technology.   Complex geometries, lightweight components and optimised material distribution are only a few of the advantages that additive manufacturing offers. However, such design freedom and ...
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Is Hybrid Manufacturing Technology the Future of Additive Manufacturing?

10 July 2018 10:59
While additive and traditional (subtractive) manufacturing have often been set on opposite ends of the spectrum, is this truly the case? As manufacturing technology advances, the benefits of hybrid manufacturing are clear. Hybrid manufacturing systems, equipped with both additive and subtractive manufacturing capabilities ...
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ULTEM & PEEK: the Ultimate Guide to High-Performance 3D Printing Materials

09 July 2018 14:50
High-performance thermoplastics, such as PEI, PAEK and PPSU are increasingly in demand for industrial-grade manufacturing applications. Within the field of additive manufacturing, Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) is the most commonly used technology for 3D printing with PEI, PAEK, and PPSU, with these thermoplastics used in the form ...
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The Top 10 Professional SLA 3D Printers You Should Consider [2018]

06 July 2018 14:28
Stereolithography (SLA) is the oldest of all 3D printing technologies, its emergence marking the start of the 3D printing revolution. Today, the 3D printing market offers a wide choice of SLA 3D systems, ranging from desktop 3D printers to larger AM systems for ...
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Your Guide to the Top 6 SLS 3D printers [2018]

05 July 2018 12:18
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is one the most widely used 3D printing technologies, with many OEMs and manufacturers using the technology to produce high-quality end parts and prototypes. To help you better navigate in the world of SLS 3D printers, we’ve compiled a ...
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3D Printing In-House vs Outsourcing: the Definitive Guide

04 July 2018 16:41
Should you outsource your 3D printing projects or integrate 3D printing technology in-house? With 3D printing transforming the way products are designed, prototyped and produced, companies are increasingly integrating the technology into their manufacturing processes. However, in doing so, many companies face the challenge ...
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5 Ways 3D Printing Can Transform the Electronics Industry

03 July 2018 16:36
3D printing and electronics may still seem to be somewhat of a novelty, but the technology is poised to bring huge changes to the industry. While the technology is still primarily used as a prototyping tool, the benefits of 3D printing - from ...
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