Post-Processing for Industrial 3D Printing: The Road Towards Automation

11 December 2018 16:36

For a long time, post-processing has been referred to as 3D printing’s ‘dirty little secret’. With so much focus on the first two stages of the additive manufacturing process — design and production — the post-processing stage has often gone under the radar.   While additive manufacturing is often lauded for its embrace of digital, …

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Expert Interview: Nano Dimension Co-Founder Simon Fried on the Rise of 3D Printing for Electronics

07 December 2018 11:16

The world of electronics is a young yet burgeoning area for 3D printing. From drones and satellites to laptops and smartphones, electronic devices are playing an ever-greater role in our lives. However, to operate, these devices depend on electronic components such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), antennas and sensors.   3D printing is redefining the …

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Virtual Inventory & 3D Printing: the Need for Security

07 December 2018 10:23

Additive manufacturing is powering the shift towards distributed, digital manufacturing. The ability to produce parts from digital files opens up new and exciting opportunities for agile manufacturing, from virtual inventories to on-demand, localised production.    The agile, lean manufacturing approach facilitated by AM is understandably appealing. With traditional manufacturing, storing and maintaining physical inventories of …

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Expert Interview: PostProcess Technologies CEO on Solving the Post-Processing Bottleneck for Additive Manufacturing

27 November 2018 11:37

Before and after: 3D-printed parts following post-processing using PostProcess Technologies’ automation solutions. Image credit: PostProcess Technologies   Post-processing is a vital stage of the additive manufacturing process – and yet perhaps the most time-consuming. According to one statistic, current post-processing methods account for between 30-60% of the additive manufacturing process.   One key reason for …

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3D Printing and Formula One: 5 Trends in Motorsports

21 November 2018 12:48

In a dynamic environment like Formula One, speed is key – both on and off the track. Since the difference between a win or loss could be a margin of mere seconds, perfecting the engineering of a racecar is a key imperative of any Formula One team.   But responding quickly to a world of …

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Interview: HP’s Global Head of Metals on the Impact of HP Metal Jet

20 November 2018 9:29

HP is a company that is no stranger to making headlines: in 2016, it sent waves across the 3D printing industry with the launch of its Multi Jet Fusion technology.   Marking HP’s first foray into additive manufacturing, the new technology promised new possibilities for the production of industrial-grade functional polymer parts and prototypes on …

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How Can 3D Printing Benefit Metal Casting? Here Are 3 Ways

15 November 2018 14:07

Metal casting may be one of the oldest manufacturing methods used to create metal parts, but it is also yet another sector that can benefit from 3D printing. With the high costs involved in producing tooling aids like moulds, cores and patterns, 3D printing is already proving to be a worthwhile alternative to the conventional …

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Formnext 2018: 10 Technologies We’re Excited to See This Year

09 November 2018 11:16

In just a few days, Frankfurt will play host to one of the biggest events in the world of additive manufacturing: Formnext. From 13-16 November, the trade show will be showcasing the latest developments in AM, from new hardware systems to innovative materials and software solutions.      And while the AMFG team is busy …

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5 Reasons to Automate Your Post-Production Planning for Additive Manufacturing

08 November 2018 10:23

When talking about workflow management for additive manufacturing, it’s quite typical to think solely in terms of the production steps: scheduling incoming requests and preparing machines, for example.  But what about managing the stage after production?   Surprisingly, post-production management is a frequently overlooked part of the additive manufacturing process. Many companies remain unsure as …

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5 Ways 3D printing Can Benefit the Toy Industry

31 October 2018 14:00

When thinking of 3D printing, the technology’s potential for the toy industry may not be the first thing that springs to mind. However, in today’s consumer-driven landscape, where maintaining a competitive advantage is a key concern for toy companies, 3D printing offers several benefits, including faster time to market, greater design customisation and the potential …

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