How Can 3D Printing Benefit Metal Casting? Here Are 3 Ways

15 November 2018 14:07
Metal casting may be one of the oldest manufacturing methods used to create metal parts, but it is also yet another sector that can benefit from 3D printing. With the high costs involved in producing tooling aids like moulds, cores and patterns, 3D ...
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Formnext 2018: 10 Technologies We’re Excited to See This Year

09 November 2018 11:16
In just a few days, Frankfurt will play host to one of the biggest events in the world of additive manufacturing: Formnext. From 13-16 November, the trade show will be showcasing the latest developments in AM, from new hardware systems to innovative materials ...
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5 Reasons to Automate Your Post-Production Planning for Additive Manufacturing

08 November 2018 10:23
When talking about workflow management for additive manufacturing, it’s quite typical to think solely in terms of the production steps: scheduling incoming requests and preparing machines, for example.  But what about managing the stage after production?   Surprisingly, post-production management is a frequently overlooked ...
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5 Ways 3D printing Can Benefit the Toy Industry

31 October 2018 14:00
When thinking of 3D printing, the technology's potential for the toy industry may not be the first thing that springs to mind. However, in today's consumer-driven landscape, where maintaining a competitive advantage is a key concern for toy companies, 3D printing offers several ...
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Generative Design and 3D Printing: The Manufacturing of Tomorrow

25 October 2018 12:00
Generative design is a software tool that enables engineers and designers to approach design problems in more innovative and efficient ways. Generative design algorithms explore all possible design solutions by defining goals and constraints, offering engineers numerous options to explore.   Although still in ...
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Overcoming the Challenges of 3D Printing: the 3 Pillars of Success

24 October 2018 18:12
What are the secrets to a successful additive manufacturing operation?   This is a question posed by many indusry stakeholders, as additive manufacturing increasingly moves towards end-part production. While 3D printing has come a long way, particularly over the last 10 years, there remain core ...
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Expert Interview: Nanoe CEO Guillaume de Calan on the Future of Ceramic 3D Printing

23 October 2018 11:16
Ceramics 3D printing remains a relatively new and often overlooked area of additive manufacturing. However, the versatility of the material makes ceramics 3D printing ideal for a range of industrial use cases, from bearings and semiconductors to aerospace and jewellery applications. It’s no ...
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Developing Standards for 3D Printing: Where are We Today?

19 October 2018 13:27
The road to standardisation for emerging industries and technologies can be long and arduous. But for an industry to develop a strong market, the need for standardised processes becomes increasingly important.   3D printing has reached this watershed moment: a recent McKinsey report forecasts ...
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3D Printing Support Structures: A Complete Guide

17 October 2018 14:11
Support structures are one of the most important elements for successfully producing 3D printed parts. While a key advantage of 3D printing is its ability to create freeform and intricate geometries, much of the design freedom offered by 3D printing wouldn’t be possible ...
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Expert Interview: Ultimaker President John Kawola on the Future of 3D Printing

16 October 2018 11:37
Since its inception in 2011, Ultimaker has risen to become one of the most recognisable names in desktop 3D printing.  The company, founded on the premise of making 3D printing accessible to all, offers a range of open-source desktop 3D printers as well ...
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