Expert Interview: Sintavia President Doug Hedges on Achieving Serial Production with Metal 3D Printing

21 March 2019 13:22

Sintavia is an independent manufacturer that provides metal additive manufacturing services for critical industries such as aerospace and defence and oil and gas.   With a focus on the serial production of metal parts using additive manufacturing, the company provides a unique, end-to-end service that comprises not only production and post-processing, but also testing, metallurgy …

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25 3D Printing Startups We’re Most Excited About in 2019

20 March 2019 18:45

The last decade has seen a flurry of activity for the 3D printing industry. New companies continue to enter the market, joining the effort to transform manufacturing through 3D printing.   From hardware systems to software and services, the proliferation of new players disrupting the market is incredibly exciting. As the additive manufacturing landscape continues …

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Quality Assurance for Metal 3D Printing: Solving 3 Common Challenges

15 March 2019 10:42

Quality assurance (QA) is arguably the most important and yet one of the most challenging steps in 3D printing.   With 3D printing being increasingly used in high-performance industrial applications, the technology must consistently and reliably deliver high-quality parts with the properties needed to meet demanding applications. When it comes to metal 3D printing, however, …

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Expert Interview: Solvay’s Brian Alexander on Developing High-Performance Polymers for 3D Printing

13 March 2019 8:39

With the demand for high-performance polymers for additive manufacturing growing rapidly, large materials companies are looking to stake their claim in the market. And as the industry gears towards production applications, there is a greater need for engineering-grade materials able to meet the demanding applications across a range of industries. Indicative of the overall rise …

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10 Exciting Ways 3D Printing is Being Used in the Consumer Goods Industry

12 March 2019 13:04

3D printing is breathing new life into a variety of consumer products. Fuelling new trends and innovation, the technology is creating exciting opportunities for the future of the consumer goods industry.     The consumer goods industry has long seen the benefits of 3D printing in product design and development thanks to rapid prototyping. However, …

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Expert Interview: Carbon’s Co-Founder Philip DeSimone on Moving Towards High-Volume Production with 3D Printing

07 March 2019 14:13

Carbon has experienced a meteoric rise since it was founded in 2013. Over the last six years, the company’s proprietary Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS) technology has been adopted by customers across a range of industries, from aerospace and automotive to consumer goods and medical. Fast forward to 2019, where the venture-backed, Silicon Valley-based company is …

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4 Additive Manufacturing Challenges That Can Be Solved with Software

06 March 2019 16:40

When it comes to adopting additive manufacturing, most companies will find that it’s not a case of simply buying a machine and producing parts right away.   For all the benefits of 3D printing, successfully implementing the technology means considering a number of factors. Which design tools will be used? How will you ensure a …

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Expert Interview: Jabil’s Rush LaSelle on the Future of Additive Manufacturing

28 February 2019 10:24

Once described as the manufacturing giant most people have never heard of, Jabil is in fact one of the world’s largest manufacturing solutions providers. With more than 100 facilities in 29 countries and 190,000 employees worldwide, the $22 billion company offers a wide range of manufacturing services, spanning industrial design, supply chain and logistics.   …

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The Additive Manufacturing Industry Landscape 2019: 141 Companies Driving the Industry Forward

27 February 2019 11:26

Additive manufacturing has gone through somewhat of a revolution over the last five to ten years. At one time thought to be a consumer-oriented technology, AM has now evolved into a viable industrial manufacturing solution. As of 2019, the additive manufacturing industry is worth over $7 billion dollars. While this is still a fraction of …

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Expert Interview: A Look at Nexa3D’s Ultra-Fast, Industrial-Grade SLA 3D Printers

21 February 2019 8:37

  When it comes to industrial 3D printing, speed and part accuracy are key. As the adoption rate of 3D printing continues to increase across industries, 3D printer manufacturers are continuously striving to improve the print times of their machines and the quality of parts produced. One such company is Nexa3D, a manufacturer of industrial, …

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