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Expert Interview: Parts on Demand Founder, Neil van Es, on Taking 3D Printing to Production

16 July 2019 9:41

This interview was first featured in AMFG’s State of the Industry Survey 2019: AM Service Providers. To download the 36-page report, click here.    Founded in 2014 and based in the Netherlands, Parts on Demand is a 3D printing service bureau that specialises in series production, tooling, moulds and the production of machine parts. Automotive …

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Expert Interview: Arevo Co-Founder Wiener Mondesir On Producing the World’s First 3D-Printed Carbon Fiber Bike Frame

02 July 2019 10:59

Silicon Valley-based company, Arevo, made headlines in 2018 after unveiling what it called the world’s first 3D-printed carbon fiber bike frame. The use case showcased the unique capabilities of Arevo’s proprietary composite 3D printing technology, which combines robotics and software to produce lightweight, customised composite parts.   Since then, Arevo has gone on to partner …

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Expert interview: Xometry’s Greg Paulsen On the Rise of the Manufacturing As A Service Business Model

27 June 2019 13:18

Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) is a business model that could have a tremendous impact on the global manufacturing industry. Put simply, MaaS platforms work with a network of manufacturers to offer production services on demand. The benefits, supporters say, include delocalised, agile manufacturing; enabling service providers to maximise their production capacity and offering clients …

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Expert Interview: Graphite Additive Manufacturing’s Jonathan Warbrick on Achieving Success with 3D Printing

19 June 2019 8:58

The landscape for AM service bureaus is changing rapidly as the drive towards production continues. More than ever, service bureaus must be agile and be able to adapt to an industry that is under a constant state of flux.   Graphite Additive Manufacturing is a UK-based AM service provider offering industrial 3D printing solutions. With …

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Expert Interview: Conflux Technology’s Ben Batagol on Reinventing Heat Exchange Technology with 3D Printing

12 June 2019 8:35

Many of our everyday electrical appliances function thanks to heat exchangers. From air conditioners to car engines and fridges, heat exchangers work to transfer heat between two or more fluids. Traditionally, designing these compact devices has been challenging, not least because of the sheer level of complexity involved to efficiently cool fluids in the most …

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Expert Interview: Roboze CEO Alessio Lorusso on High-Performance and Composite 3D Printing

05 June 2019 8:31

Italian 3D printer manufacturer, Roboze, was founded in 2013 with the goal of offering advanced technology for FFF 3D printing. Fast forward six years, Roboze is successfully accomplishing this goal, having launched five 3D printers and 12 different materials. With its range of hardware and material offerings, Roboze has its sights set on industrial markets, …

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Expert Interview: VELO3D’s VP of Technology Partnerships on Expanding the Capabilities of Metal 3D Printing

29 May 2019 9:10

Metal 3D printing may be an innovative technology, but it’s not without its challenges. It’s a process that requires time-intensive design considerations, post-processing and a degree of trial-and-error to achieve a successful print. In a bid to solve these and other associated challenges, California-based company, VELO3D, unveiled its laser-based Sapphire metal 3D printer just last …

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Expert Interview: 3DEO’s President Matt Sand on Taking Metal 3D Printing Into High-Volume Production

22 May 2019 13:33

When it comes to metal 3D printing, achieving high-volume production is the holy grail for the vast majority of companies. 3DEO, a metal 3D printing company founded in 2016, claims to have achieved just that, thanks to its patented Intelligent Layering technology.   Through its additive manufacturing process, the LA-based company is able to achieve …

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Expert Interview: MELD Manufacturing CEO Nanci Hardwick on Fulfilling the Potential of Metal Additive Manufacturing

15 May 2019 8:56

MELD Manufacturing Corporation is pioneering a radical new technology that enables the 3D printing of metals without melting. For over a decade, the technology was under development with tech firm, Aeroprobe, before MELD spun out as a subsidiary in the spring of 2018.   MELD Manufacturing entered the metal 3D printing market with the introduction …

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Expert Interview: SmarTech Analysis’ Scott Dunham on the Future of Metal 3D Printing, Service Bureaus and the AM Materials Market [Part Two]

08 May 2019 9:03

This is Part 2 of our 2-part interview with Scott Dunham. Check out the first part of our interview here.   Metal 3D printing has been a big talking point in the last few years, with a number of companies entering the ring. How much more growth will the metal 3D printing market continue to …

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