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Expert Interview: Digital Alloys CEO Duncan McCallum on Joule Printing and the Future of Metal 3D Printing

21 September 2018 11:27
[caption id="attachment_6051" align="alignright" width="300"] Duncan McCallum, Digital Alloys CEO[/caption] The rise in metal 3D printing in the last year has been well documented. With new players entering the market at a rapid speed, Digital Alloys is one company contributing to this evolution. Founded in ...
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Expert Interview: James Hinebaugh of Expanse Microtechnologies

29 August 2018 11:42
Material and part inspection is a vital stage in the additive manufacturing process - and yet it is not without its challenges. For applications within the aerospace, medical or automotive industries in particular,  it's crucial to ensure that a part meets perfection, with ...
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Interview: Terry Wohlers on the Wohlers Report 2018, the Rise of 3D Printing and where the Industry is Headed

18 May 2018 11:57
The annual Wohlers Report has become the most highly anticipated guide to the additive manufacturing industry since its first publication 23 years ago. With 76 co-authors in 32 countries, the report represents knowledge and expertise from the largest global network of AM professionals. ...
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Interview: Professor Ian Campbell of Loughborough University

30 April 2018 10:10
Professor Ian Campbell is a Professor at Loughborough University, which is pioneering the field of design for additive manufacturing research. With an extensive background in design engineering, Professor Campbell has published over forty academic journal articles, is the editor of Rapid Prototyping Journal and ...
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Interview: Dominic Parsonson of Fuji Xerox Australia

07 March 2018 10:31
Dominic Parsonson is a senior additive manufacturing specialist and expert at Fuji Xerox Australia, and works with industrial companies and educational institutions to identify and implement additive manufacturing solutions. Having worked in the additive manufacturing industry for a number of years, we were ...
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Interview: Judith Distelrath of Wacker Chemie AG – ACEO®

14 December 2017 11:00
The debut of ACEO®’s multi-material silicone 3D printer at formnext last month marked an exciting new milestone in the company’s history. ACEO®, a startup project within Wacker Chemie AG, and user of AMFG, has been driving the revolution in silicone 3D printing since it ...
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Interview with an Expert: Ibraheem Khadar of Markforged

05 December 2017 11:07
The Markforged booth at formnext was arguably one of the trade fair’s busiest this year. Over the course of four days, visitors, curious about the company’s latest technologies, gathered in droves to see Markforged’s latest Metal X 3D printer and its industrial printer ...
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Additive Manufacturing Technologies: The Post-Processing Company Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

24 November 2017 16:40
Following the success of formnext last week, AMFG is taking a closer look at some of the innovative companies that showcased at the Frankfurt trade fair. This week, we're speaking with Dr. Konstantin Rybalcenko, Development Manager at Additive Manufacturing Technologies, to talk about the company's ...
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Interview: Dr Billy Wu of Imperial College London

22 August 2017 14:00
Today on the blog, we sit down with Dr Billy Wu of Imperial College to discuss 3D printing’s applications in research and education, how Imperial’s students are turning their 3D printed prototypes into business opportunities, and his team’s revolutionary new metal printing method.   Was ...
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Interview with an Expert: Dr Bastian Rapp of NeptunLab

24 July 2017 8:19
Since earning his PhD from the University of Karlsruhe in 2008, Dr Bastian Rapp has risen to become the world’s leading authority on the application of 3D printing for microfluidics and related technologies. As the founder and head of NeptunLab, at the Institute ...
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