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How Ford Motor Company is Innovating 3D Printing for the Automotive Industry: Expert Interview with Harold Sears

08 January 2019 9:18

What does the future of automotive production look like? Ford Motor Company may just have the answer.   In the summer of 2018, the car manufacturer opened its Advanced Manufacturing Center in Michigan. The 135,000-square-foot facility, worth a reported $45 million, brings together an array of technologies, including collaborative robots, VR and AR.   3D …

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Expert Interview: Nano Dimension Co-Founder Simon Fried on the Rise of 3D Printing for Electronics

07 December 2018 11:16

The world of electronics is a young yet burgeoning area for 3D printing. From drones and satellites to laptops and smartphones, electronic devices are playing an ever-greater role in our lives. However, to operate, these devices depend on electronic components such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), antennas and sensors.   3D printing is redefining the …

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Expert Interview: PostProcess Technologies CEO on Solving the Post-Processing Bottleneck for Additive Manufacturing

27 November 2018 11:37

Before and after: 3D-printed parts following post-processing using PostProcess Technologies’ automation solutions. Image credit: PostProcess Technologies   Post-processing is a vital stage of the additive manufacturing process – and yet perhaps the most time-consuming. According to one statistic, current post-processing methods account for between 30-60% of the additive manufacturing process.   One key reason for …

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Interview: HP’s Global Head of Metals on the Impact of HP Metal Jet

20 November 2018 9:29

HP is a company that is no stranger to making headlines: in 2016, it sent waves across the 3D printing industry with the launch of its Multi Jet Fusion technology.   Marking HP’s first foray into additive manufacturing, the new technology promised new possibilities for the production of industrial-grade functional polymer parts and prototypes on …

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Expert Interview: Nanoe CEO Guillaume de Calan on the Future of Ceramic 3D Printing

23 October 2018 11:16

Ceramics 3D printing remains a relatively new and often overlooked area of additive manufacturing. However, the versatility of the material makes ceramics 3D printing ideal for a range of industrial use cases, from bearings and semiconductors to aerospace and jewellery applications. It’s no wonder, therefore, that steps are already being taken to make ceramics 3D …

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Expert Interview: Ultimaker President John Kawola on the Future of 3D Printing

16 October 2018 11:37

Since its inception in 2011, Ultimaker has risen to become one of the most recognisable names in desktop 3D printing.  The company, founded on the premise of making 3D printing accessible to all, offers a range of open-source desktop 3D printers as well as materials and software. And 2018 has been a pretty busy year …

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Expert Interview: Digital Alloys CEO Duncan McCallum on Joule Printing and the Future of Metal 3D Printing

21 September 2018 11:27

The rise in metal 3D printing in the last year has been well documented. With new players entering the market at a rapid speed, Digital Alloys is one company contributing to this evolution. Founded in 2017, Digital Alloys has developed its patented Joule Printing technology for high-speed metal additive manufacturing. The technology promises faster production …

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Expert Interview: James Hinebaugh of Expanse Microtechnologies

29 August 2018 11:42

Material and part inspection is a vital stage in the additive manufacturing process – and yet it is not without its challenges. For applications within the aerospace, medical or automotive industries in particular,  it’s crucial to ensure that a part meets perfection, with no hidden flaws. However, issues like porosity, voids and inclusions, particularly for …

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Interview: Terry Wohlers on the Wohlers Report 2018, the Rise of 3D Printing and where the Industry is Headed

18 May 2018 11:57

The annual Wohlers Report has become the most highly anticipated guide to the additive manufacturing industry since its first publication 23 years ago. With 76 co-authors in 32 countries, the report represents knowledge and expertise from the largest global network of AM professionals. As new players enter the market, from system manufacturers and material producers …

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Interview: Professor Ian Campbell of Loughborough University

30 April 2018 10:10

Professor Ian Campbell is a Professor at Loughborough University, which is pioneering the field of design for additive manufacturing research. With an extensive background in design engineering, Professor Campbell has published over forty academic journal articles, is the editor of Rapid Prototyping Journal and has been an Associate Consultant for Wohlers Associates since 2014. We were …

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