5 Trends Shaping the 3D Printing Materials Market in 2019

20 June 2019 15:07

In rapidly maturing 3D printing industry, what are the trends shaping the materials market?   Materials are one of the three key pillars underpinning 3D printing, alongside hardware and software. According to the Wohlers Report 2019, the 3D printing material segment experienced record growth in 2018 due to the increasing use of 3D printing for …

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Expert Interview: Solvay’s Brian Alexander on Developing High-Performance Polymers for 3D Printing

13 March 2019 8:39

With the demand for high-performance polymers for additive manufacturing growing rapidly, large materials companies are looking to stake their claim in the market. And as the industry gears towards production applications, there is a greater need for engineering-grade materials able to meet the demanding applications across a range of industries. Indicative of the overall rise …

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