Application Spotlight: 3D Printing for Medical Implants

15 August 2019 11:50

[Image credit: Health Canada]   Creating better-fitting, longer-lasting and higher-performing bone implants is an ongoing quest for orthopaedists and surgeons alike. 3D printing is contributing enormously to the advancements in this area.    The technology is enabling  implant manufacturers to create implants with enhanced functionality and more personalised to specific patient needs. Furthermore, 3D printing …

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Application Spotlight: 3D Printing for Digital Dentistry & Clear Aligner Manufacturing

08 August 2019 9:39

Digital dentistry — the introduction of digital technologies into the dental practice — is transforming the dental industry. One of the key technologies driving this transformation is 3D printing.     3D printing has many applications in the dental industry, including bridge models, surgical guides and dentures. However, clear aligner manufacturing is one of the most …

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Application Spotlight: 3D Printing for Bike Manufacturing

01 August 2019 13:20

3D printing is adding a new dimension to the bike manufacturing sector, helping to create lightweight bikes whilst enabling the faster production of bespoke bike components.   This week, we continue our 3D Printing Application Spotlight series by looking at the use of 3D printing in bike production, as well as its benefits and current …

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What Ultimaker’s Rebranding Says About the Industrialisation of 3D Printing

31 July 2019 11:27

[Image credit: Ultimaker]   Earlier this month, desktop 3D printer manufacturer, Ultimaker, announced a new branding strategy, aimed at strengthening its focus as a B2B company.    Ultimaker’s new business trajectory points to a broader trend within the 3D printing market: the shift towards industrial applications of the technology, as businesses begin to recognise the …

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Application Spotlight: 3D Printing For Bearings

25 July 2019 13:51

[Image credit: Bowman Additive Production]    This is the second part of our 3D Printing  Application Spotlight series, where we highlight key applications of 3D printing. You can read last week’s edition, 3D printing for heat exchangers, here.    This week, we continue our Application Spotlight series by looking at bearings, critical components that are …

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7 Complex Designs Achieved With 3D Printing

24 July 2019 14:11

By taking advantage of the design flexibility afforded by 3D printing, engineers can bring even the most challenging ideas to life.    3D printing is known as a technology that can produce shapes and features beyond what’s possible with conventional manufacturing methods. To showcase the power of the technology, in this article we’ll be diving …

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State of the 3D Printing Industry for AM Service Providers: 4 Key Insights

11 July 2019 13:55

The week, AMFG released its first State of the 3D Printing Industry Survey Report, which looks at the key trends within the AM service provider market today. We surveyed service bureaus in over a dozen countries to find out, first-hand, how this segment is fairing, and the overall outlook for the next 12 months.   …

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How Mature Is Your Industry In Its Adoption Of 3D Printing?

09 July 2019 13:37

[Image credit: EOS]   Many industries are now using 3D printing in their product development and production processes. From automotive to construction, industries can benefit from faster lead times, greater design freedom and toolless manufacturing offered by 3D printing.   However, many companies remain hesitant about embracing 3D printing, often out of a lack of …

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All You Need to Know About Metal Binder Jetting (2019)

03 July 2019 13:00

Metal binder jetting is undergoing a renaissance. Over the last decade, many new companies have entered a competition mode, each with its own take on this technology.    Such activity is in part fueled by many lucrative opportunities this technology presents. For one, the high speed and precision of the metal binder jetting process can …

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A Guide to 3D Printing With Titanium

18 June 2019 11:52

With the benefits of reduced material waste and the ability to create lightweight designs, titanium 3D printing is finding its niche in many industries.   Titanium has excellent material properties, but its high cost has historically limited its use to high-value applications in aerospace. Now that metal 3D printing is becoming increasingly recognised as a …

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