Virtual Inventory & 3D Printing: the Need for Security

07 December 2018 10:23

Additive manufacturing is powering the shift towards distributed, digital manufacturing. The ability to produce parts from digital files opens up new and exciting opportunities for agile manufacturing, from virtual inventories to on-demand, localised production.    The agile, lean manufacturing approach facilitated by AM is understandably appealing. With traditional manufacturing, storing and maintaining physical inventories of …

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Generative Design and 3D Printing: The Manufacturing of Tomorrow

25 October 2018 12:00

Generative design is a software tool that enables engineers and designers to approach design problems in more innovative and efficient ways. Generative design algorithms explore all possible design solutions by defining goals and constraints, offering engineers numerous options to explore.   Although still in its infancy, generative design has shown remarkable potential for industrial applications, …

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The Top 10 Large Scale Industrial 3D Printers

18 September 2018 10:55

When it comes to 3D printing, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. That said, large-scale 3D printing systems do offer unique manufacturing solutions that smaller systems cannot achieve. They can, for example, produce large prototypes and parts and even multiple series of smaller parts simultaneously. The advantages of large-scale 3D printing being clear, this one area …

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Rapid Prototyping: the Evolution of 3D Printing

06 September 2018 16:38

Rapid prototyping has, since its inception, been one of the main advantages of additive manufacturing. While prototypes could take days, weeks or even months using earlier technologies, with additive manufacturing, prototypes can be produced virtually overnight, speeding up the product design and development stage significantly.   The ability to create concept or durable, functional prototypes …

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10 Industries You Won’t Believe Are Being Disrupted by 3D Printing

19 July 2018 9:58

As 3D printing continues to evolve, advancements in the technology have already forged new trends and unlocked new possibilities for key industries like aerospace, automotive and medical. But the disruptive impact of 3D printing is not limited to these well-known cases – the technology also has huge potential in other, perhaps lesser-known areas too.   …

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The Top 10 Professional SLA 3D Printers You Should Consider [2018]

06 July 2018 14:28

Stereolithography (SLA) is the oldest of all 3D printing technologies, its emergence marking the start of the 3D printing revolution. Today, the 3D printing market offers a wide choice of SLA 3D systems, ranging from desktop 3D printers to larger AM systems for industrial applications. With this in mind, we’ve chosen to cover a selection …

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Your Guide to the Top DMLS Machines [2018]

03 May 2018 11:00

Metal additive manufacturing has experienced an explosive growth across a range of industries, which has led to the emergence of more 3D printing metals systems and machines on the market.  Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is one of the most popular 3D printing technologies, as it delivers high-quality metal components. There are a number of …

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A Guide to the Top 5 Industrial Binder Jetting Machines

27 April 2018 10:52

Above: Digital Metal’s 3D printing technology uses metal binder jetting technology  As one of the most established 3D printing technologies, Binder Jetting offers a faster way to produce sand moulds, small metal parts, decorative objects and prototypes at a lower cost. But with a wide range of Binder Jetting machines on the market, it is …

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Why Automation is the Next Step for Additive Manufacturing

22 February 2018 14:45

The shift towards Industry 4.0 has led to the digital transformation of manufacturing, as manufacturers incorporate digital technologies to enhance their production workflows. With the evolution of additive manufacturing as a viable means of production within this digital transformation, manufacturers are now recognising the benefits of using automation in additive manufacturing as a means of enhancing …

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5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Consider SLS Technology

14 February 2018 16:47

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) has become one of the most widely used technologies for additive manufacturing. Far from being a tool used solely for creating prototypes, SLS technology has become a viable means of producing low-volume end parts and support parts, like jigs and fixtures, across a range of industries. With the benefits of SLS …

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