10 Rising Stars in Metal 3D Printing Hardware

05 August 2020 12:12

Metal 3D printing has entered a unique period in its history. The developments in hardware, software and materials ensure it continues to mature to unlock new applications and create products with a high level of reliability.    Today, we launch a series of articles exploring innovative companies driving metal additive manufacturing (AM), beginning with hardware.  …

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Expert Interview: Anisoprint CEO Fedor Antonov on Why Composite 3D Printing Is One of the Biggest Trends in AM

30 July 2020 8:49

Composite 3D printing, despite being a young technology, is rapidly maturing to unlock new opportunities in the production of robust, yet lightweight, parts.    One company pushing the limits of composite 3D printing is Anisoprint, the Russian start-up, which has developed a material extrusion process called Composite Fiber Coextrusion (CFC).    CFC technology enables the …

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The Evolution of HP’s 3D Printing Technology: From Polymer to Metal AM 

01 July 2020 12:35

HP is moving full speed ahead with its 3D printing strategy. Since its first foray into Additive Manufacturing (AM) in 2016, the company has launched multiple polymer 3D printing systems and, more recently, introduced Metal Jet technology.    To keep up with the advancements in HP 3D printing, below we explore the evolution of its …

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How Sustainable is Industrial 3D Printing?

10 March 2020 10:27

3D printing is heralded as one of the technologies that will enable smart, sustainable manufacturing. While 3D printing is considered as a less wasteful process, the questions remain open: where does 3D printing stand on the green scale? Is it indeed environmentally friendly?    Today’s article will seek the answers while exploring misconceptions and facts …

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Metal 3D Printing: 7 Common Misconceptions Debunked 

03 March 2020 7:40

The lack of understanding of metal 3D printing capabilities and limitations remains one of the key challenges to greater adoption of the technology. Misconceptions that have emerged around the technology only add fuel to the fire.    In today’s article, we’ll be dismantling some of the common myths surrounding metal 3D printing, to uncover the …

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Composite 3D Printing: An Emerging Technology with a Bright Future 

25 February 2020 10:27

Composite 3D printing is a young technology, but one with huge, largely untapped, potential.   According to a SmarTech Analysis report, composite 3D printing will grow into a nearly $10 billion business within the next decade – a significant growth opportunity, to say the least.   In today’s article, we’ll dive into what benefits composite …

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10 3D Printing Startups To Watch Out For In 2020 

12 February 2020 8:47

3D printing startups play an important role within the additive manufacturing industry: they help to fill in existing gaps and drive innovation in technology, materials and applications.     To keep up to date with the 3D printing startups landscape, we’ve compiled a list of 10 promising 3D printing startups that, with their exciting vision and …

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The Evolution of SLS: New Technologies, Materials and Applications

21 January 2020 8:16

[Image credit: 3D Hubs]   Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is one of the most popular polymer 3D printing technologies for industrial applications. Since its emergence more than 30 years ago, SLS has been gradually maturing into a technology capable of functional prototyping and, more recently, also production.   Driving this evolution is the ongoing innovation …

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5 Ways 3D Printing Complements Traditional Manufacturing

19 December 2019 12:28

3D printing has been predicted to replace traditional manufacturing technologies. However, the real power of the technology may lie not in competing with, but in complementing and augmenting conventional manufacturing methods.    To back up this claim, below we’re exploring 5 key ways of how 3D printing can support traditional manufacturing.    1. 3D printing …

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Post-Processing for Industrial 3D Printing: Key Trends You Should Know

11 December 2019 10:48

Post-processing can be one of the key bottlenecks in using additive manufacturing (AM) as an industrial process. Each AM technology requires its own set of post-processing solutions, which need to be automated as much as possible, to enable viable use of the technology in production.   Fortunately, the industry has started to tackle post-processing challenges, …

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