5 Applications Showcasing 3D Printing Innovation

17 October 2019 9:31

Additive manufacturing (AM) is one of the key technologies capable of accelerating innovation for manufacturers. Industries adopting AM are going through a transformation, which brings along new opportunities in product design and manufacturing.    In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the recent developments in 3D printing that could set new …

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Application Spotlight: 3D Printing in the Rail Industry 

15 October 2019 10:04

Over the last 12 months, many railway companies, including Deutsche Bahn, Bombardier and Angel Trains, have invested in 3D printing or have been ramping up their 3D printing capabilities.    16 per cent of companies in the logistics and transportation sector are now using 3D printing to manufacture spare parts, according to a recent report …

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10 of the Biggest Challenges in Scaling Additive Manufacturing for Production [Expert Roundup]

08 October 2019 9:32

Design flexibility, material efficiency and viable low-volume production are just some of the reasons why companies have increasingly turned to additive manufacturing (AM). But to make the most of AM in production, there are still some issues to tackle.    Below, we’re looking at some of the most pressing challenges the technology needs to overcome …

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Application Spotlight: 5 Electronic Components That Can Benefit From 3D Printing

02 October 2019 9:00

Electronics 3D printing is fast becoming one of the key technologies advancing electronics manufacturing. Presently, it’s largely being used to accelerate product development through rapid prototyping. However, increasingly we see the technology shifting to the production of functional electronic components.    By 2029, the total market for 3D-printed electronics is predicted to be worth over …

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Application Spotlight: 3D Printing for Footwear

18 September 2019 10:16

[Image credit: Adidas]   3D printing is shaping new possibilities in footwear engineering, enabling footwear companies to create new shoe designs and address the growing demand for customisation.   According to a recent report from a research firm, SmarTech Analysis, footwear 3D printing is set to grow into a $6.3 billion revenue opportunity over the …

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How Mature Are Metal 3D Printing Technologies?

03 September 2019 17:53

Metal 3D printing encompasses a broad range of technologies, each with its own benefits and applications — as well as its own level of maturity.    When looking to adopt a specific metal 3D printing technology for production, it’s crucial to understand where its capabilities and limitations currently lie. However, when often when it comes …

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3D Printing In Healthcare: Where Are We In 2019?

30 August 2019 7:15

3D printing is creating an enormous opportunity for the medical industry. According to a report by market research firm, SmarTech Analysis, the market for medical 3D printing is currently estimated to be worth $1.25 billion. By 2027, the market value is set to grow to $6.08 billion. Clearly, the potential for 3D printing within healthcare …

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Application Spotlight: 3D-Printed Rockets and the Future of Spacecraft Manufacturing

28 August 2019 11:28

3D printing is fast becoming an exciting technology for spacecraft manufacturing, and rockets in particular. Both startups and established manufacturers are embracing 3D printing to create rocket components with enhanced design and performance at a lower cost and with faster turnaround times.    This week, we continue our Application Spotlight series by looking at the …

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10 Predictions on the Future of 3D Printing [Expert Roundup]

21 August 2019 13:54

Without a doubt, 2019 is an exciting time for 3D printing. The industry continues to move towards industrialisation, and the technology is increasingly becoming part of the wider manufacturing ecosystem.   But in such a rapidly evolving industry, it can be difficult to keep up with the key trends that are driving the future of …

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Application Spotlight: 3D Printing for Medical Implants

15 August 2019 11:50

[Image credit: Health Canada]   Creating better-fitting, longer-lasting and higher-performing bone implants is an ongoing quest for orthopaedists and surgeons alike. 3D printing is contributing enormously to the advancements in this area.    The technology is enabling  implant manufacturers to create implants with enhanced functionality and more personalised to specific patient needs. Furthermore, 3D printing …

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