Quotation Software for CNC Machine Shops

AMFG’s automated quotation service for machine shops accelerates RFQ success. Intelligently automate quote generation and guarantee efficient order turnaround.

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Save crucial time when quoting

Create accurate, automated quotations for CNC machining in a matter of minutes. Accept up to 40 formats of CAD file alongside 2D drawings to provide precise estimates of production times and costs. Enhance flexibility with 24/7 quote generation in multiple languages and currencies.


Adapt quotation processes to your business needs

AMFG’s fully adaptable quotation system, taking into account a rich set of parameters such as machine and material costs, operational steps and complexity, adapts to your machine shop’s unique requirements. Machine learning ensures continuous improvement of automation algorithms, constantly refining user experience. Enjoy a system that evolves alongside your engineering expertise.

Easily streamline order turnover

Oversee incoming orders from various sources through a centralised ordering platform, and conduct easy communication with customers via integrated messaging functionalities. Make approving quotes easy for your customers.

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Connect with manufacturing partners

Make direct contact with your manufacturing partners; outsource specific
production jobs with ease through our Supply Chain Management module. Simplify the comparison of different services by easily viewing quotes from external partners.

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Integrate with your existing software

Incorporate AMFG’s CNC quotation service into the software your machine shop already benefits from, such as ERP and accounting software, alongside most payment gateways. Upgrade your standard processes with increased traceability throughout your business operations.

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A committed support team

We work hard at AMFG to make your experience of our software the best it can be. Our expert support team closely supports your journey from trial to onboarding and beyond, assisting you at every step towards success.

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