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AMFG Increases Order Value and Item Production for 3D Marc 


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At the beginning of 2024, Dutch Additive Manufacturing hub 3D Marc went live with the AMFG, implementing our Instant Quote Portal, to enhance and scale its Additive Manufacturing operations.


3DMARC, initiated by Marc Moeliker, started as a personal hobby and quickly transformed into a profound passion. Having been fascinated by 3D printing since 2000, Marc discerned its substantial potential beyond mere novelty. Realizing that this technology could rejuvenate the production of discontinued products, Marc honed his design expertise and optimal printing methods. His continuous refinement of skills in programs like AUTOCAD underscores the evolution of 3DMARC’s commitment to innovative manufacturing.


Three months on, let’s take a look at what impact AMFG has had on 3D Marc’s operations.


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The Challenge


Marc Moeliker, the CEO and Founder of 3D Marc outlined that the focal point of this challenge was the absence of a professional and user-friendly front-end for customers. Prior to implementing AMFG, 3D Marc lacked a seamless system that would not only enhance the customer experience but also streamline internal operations.


One key issue highlighted by Moeliker was the necessity for a professional front end to cater to the needs of their customers. A polished and well-designed user interface is crucial for leaving a positive impression on clients. It not only contributes to the aesthetics but also reflects the professionalism and reliability of the company. AMFG’s solution addressed this challenge by providing a frontend layout that meets the standards expected by customers, thereby enhancing the overall image and credibility of 3D Marc.


Another facet of the challenge was the need for an easy-to-use system that allows customers to upload files seamlessly. The absence of such a system could potentially lead to inefficiencies, delays, and frustration for both customers and the company.


Moreover, Moeliker emphasized the importance of consolidating all relevant information within the system. This consolidation is essential for providing customers with a comprehensive view, enabling them to make informed choices before placing an order.


The Solution


To address this challenge, one faced by many in the manufacturing industry, Marc Moeliker chose to implement AMFG’s solution and Instant Quote tool. Rather than quotes being collated manually, often leading to an arduous and time-consuming back and forth, AMFG’s Instant Quote tool can generate quotes according to sophisticated algorithms that are built in accordance with your current quoting logic. This allows businesses to increase their quoting capability, without reducing the quality of their interactions with customers. We link your email so you can quickly and easily turn email RFQs into quotes using our ticket function. 

Marc Moeliker emphasized the outstanding front-end layout of AMFG as a pivotal factor in selecting it for his company. The software effectively consolidates essential information into a cohesive program, providing a streamlined approach that significantly enhances operational efficiency. This integrated interface not only simplifies task management but also facilitates seamless navigation through complexities, thereby elevating the company’s operations to the next level.

Furthermore, Moeliker pointed out that AMFG’s commitment to constant improvement aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of his company. The software’s cutting-edge updates ensure that his business stays ahead in a dynamic market environment. This commitment to staying current and relevant indicates a proactive approach to technology, enabling the company to adapt swiftly to industry changes and maintain a competitive edge.

Another noteworthy aspect highlighted by Moeliker is the user-friendly interface of AMFG. This feature is crucial in enabling the smooth handling of tasks, contributing to the overall efficiency of operations. By providing a platform that is easy to navigate, the software minimizes the learning curve for users and enhances their ability to leverage its capabilities effectively.

Additionally, Moeliker underscores the significance of AMFG’s 24/7 support. The availability of prompt and effective assistance ensures that the company can maximize the potential of the platform without concerns about potential disruptions. This constant support adds a layer of confidence, affirming the reliability and stability of the software as an integral component of the company’s operations.




The Results


Commenting on the success of the partnership shortly after the implementation Marc Moeliker highlighted: “Implementing AMFG’s software has significantly enhanced our business operations. The transparency and organization it provides to our customers are game-changers. Now, our customers enjoy a clearer view of their orders, can easily monitor the manufacturing process, and automatically receive notifications regarding their parts’ progress. This streamlined visibility has not only boosted customer satisfaction but has also optimized our internal processes, fostering smoother workflows and greater efficiency.”


In addition to customer-facing improvements, the implementation of AMFG’s solution at 3D Marc has resulted in streamlined operations. Moeliker highlights how the software enables the company to minimize personnel and keep costs low through increased automation. This suggests that AMFG’s solution not only addresses customer-facing challenges but also contributes to internal efficiency by automating processes, reducing manual efforts, and optimizing resource utilization for 3D Marc.


The profound impact of these advancements is clearly reflected in the tangible benefits experienced by 3DMARC. Notably, there has been a remarkable surge in the average order value, demonstrating a significant increase of 100%, with €3,000 + of new revenue created in just two months. This surge signifies a heightened level of customer engagement and satisfaction, underlining the positive reception of 3DMARC’s offerings following AMFG’s implementation.


Equally noteworthy is the substantial growth in the number of individual parts ordered and printed, registering an impressive increase of 181%. This surge highlights the expanding scope and influence of 3DMARC within the realm of 3D printing and design services. The heightened demand for individual parts underscores the effectiveness of AMFG’s solution and highlights 3DMARC’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and high-quality products. 



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