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Bowman 3D Supercharges Quoting Processes with AMFG


In 2018, Bowman 3D, the UK’s premier bearings and sintered components manufacturer, solidified its collaboration with AMFG. This partnership coincided with the expansion of Bowman 3D’s additive manufacturing division, Bowman Additive Production. Leveraging AMFG’s cutting-edge AI-powered production automation software, the company now efficiently oversees the end-part production process.

Boasting over four decades of industry experience, Bowman 3D stands out as a key player in the bearings and sintered components market. Through its forward-thinking approach and embrace of additive manufacturing, the company is spearheading a transformation in bearing manufacturing and extending support to other businesses in diverse industries. Equipped with advanced HP and SLS systems, Bowman 3D is among the select few European companies utilizing the latest HP Nylon PA11 material to further enhance its capabilities.

The Challenge

Before implementing AMFG’s software solution, Bowman 3D faced several challenges in managing its growing range of bearings and leveraging both machining and additive manufacturing processes. With a broad spectrum of manufacturing skills and capacity, Bowman aimed to extend their offerings to external customers.

However, the lack of streamlined processes led to inefficiencies in production scheduling, quoting, and order management. Without a centralized system, Bowman struggled to optimize their manufacturing operations and meet the increasing demand effectively. These challenges hindered their ability to scale their business and fully capitalize on their expertise in the bearings industry.

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The Solution

Bowman’s collaboration with AMFG empowers its skilled engineering team to enhance the efficiency of its additive manufacturing (AM) operations. By employing printability analyses, Bowman optimizes digital CAD files for seamless production. The integration of AMFG’s software automates production scheduling, monitors part build progress, and generates insightful data reports. Furthermore, with seamless integration into Bowman’s ERP system, the software offers a tailored digital part catalog, enhancing operational efficiency.

Introducing a new business line, Bowman 3D extends its expertise in high-performance components, consistent quality, and efficient manufacturing processes to external clients. Leveraging AMFG, Bowman streamlines the quoting process for manufacturing services and efficiently plans manufacturing jobs. This strategic integration enhances Bowman’s ability to deliver top-notch services while maintaining agility and precision in its operations.

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The Results

A key requirement for Bowman 3D in 2018 was for AMFG to facilitate the rollout of its groundbreaking ‘Rollertrain’ cage technology, Bowman 3D aimed to redefine the bearings industry landscape. Jacob Turner, Head of Additive Production at Bowman 3D, emphasized the transformative potential of additive manufacturing for component production. He underscored the significance of efficiency through automation in their manufacturing processes.

Implementing the AMFG Software Solution brought about significant enhancements for Bowman 3D. Firstly, it facilitated a swift launch of their services, ensuring a seamless entry into the market. Secondly, Bowman drastically reduced its quoting time to under 2 minutes, enhancing customer responsiveness and satisfaction. Finally, leveraging the rapid quoting capabilities, Bowman experienced a remarkable surge in order volume, more than doubling their previous figures.

These outcomes underscore the effectiveness of streamlined processes enabled by AMFG’s software solution in driving efficiency, responsiveness, and business growth for Bowman 3D within the bearings industry.


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