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Transforming Additive Manufacturing: The Strategic Partnership between Erpro Group and AMFG


In 2023, Erpro Group and AMFG announced the commencement of their strategic partnership, uniting Erpro’s innovative additive manufacturing operations and expertise with AMFG’s leading MES and workflow software.


Erpro Group, a prominent French 3D print service bureau, stands as a key provider of plastic components through additive manufacturing, CNC, and injection molding. Since its establishment in 1997, Erpro Group has consistently demonstrated excellence, becoming the first French partner of digital manufacturing company Carbon. The company has cultivated strategic supplier relationships with renowned brands such as Peugeot, Decathlon, and Chanel. 


With a comprehensive range of AM technologies, CNC machining capabilities, plastic injection molding, and various engineering services, Erpro Group offers a diverse manufacturing portfolio covering a wide array of applications. This breadth of expertise positions Erpro Group as a leading force in the industry, capable of delivering solutions from prototypes to large series production, meeting the demands of esteemed clientele across different sectors.



Erpro Group Employee Facing Two Printers



The Challenge


As Erpro Group’s additive manufacturing (AM) operations expanded, the necessity arose to streamline their workflow with a unified digital solution. This solution would enable seamless management of their diverse operations, addressing the challenges typical for businesses of their scale. Recognizing the importance of efficient technology integration, Erpro sought a strategic partner capable of accommodating their existing legacy systems while providing solutions for future growth. 


Key objectives included facilitating automated online ordering for customers to enhance convenience and accessibility, improving response time to requests for quotation (RFQ) to capitalize on opportunities swiftly, and digitally managing the entire ordering and production process for enhanced efficiency and accuracy. 


By addressing these needs through a comprehensive digital solution, Erpro aimed to optimize its operations and position itself for continued success in the competitive additive manufacturing industry.


AMFG AM Service Bureau Quotation Management AMFG’s Instant Quote Portal


The Solution


AMFG initiated a comprehensive Proof-of-Concept project to simulate Erpro Group’s entire workflow, laying the groundwork for a successful partnership. Over a period of three months, Erpro gained a comprehensive understanding of the software’s capabilities and its compatibility with their processes, solidifying their decision to move forward with the collaboration. AMFG’s customizable end-to-end workflow automation solution demonstrated its ability to support all four companies within Erpro Group, offering a platform and roadmap aligned with the group’s overarching strategic direction. Beyond the software’s functionalities, AMFG’s team stood out for their diligence, professionalism, and commitment, particularly in their collaborative approach to delivering the Proof-of-Concept project successfully.


The embedded ordering portal provided by AMFG empowers customers to conveniently place orders online. Additionally, the automated pricing feature ensures consistent and rapid quotation responses, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency. Moreover, the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software enables Erpro Group to transition away from paper-based processes, establishing a centralized and transparent system for managing orders and production. Through these capabilities, AMFG’s solution equips Erpro Group with the tools necessary to streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive growth in the competitive additive manufacturing landscape.



Artificial Intelligence and Collaborative Robots Image: Allison Saeng


The Results


Reflecting on the partnership and the engagement thus far with AMFG, Erpro CEO Cyrille Vue said: “As a leader in mass production 3D printing, the Erpro Group needed to take the next step to automate a large part of our workflow. That’s why we chose to work with AMFG, whose experience in automation solutions will help us optimize our additive manufacturing process.”


The decision to implement AMFG, made by Erpro a year ago, has been validated by the tangible results they’ve achieved since then. This strategic move has not only solidified their operational efficiency but also showcased a marked increase in their performance metrics. With a notable 27% rise in quote conversion rates, Erpro has successfully capitalized on opportunities, translating inquiries into concrete business transactions more effectively. 


Moreover, their proactive adoption of AMFG has led to a commendable 32% reduction in parts defects, signaling a commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. Beyond these quantitative achievements, Erpro has also experienced an enhancement in operational continuity and consistency, underscoring the transformative impact of embracing advanced manufacturing technologies on their overall business landscape.


We look forward to being part of Erpro’s continued growth and success.



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