Enhance Business Resilience Through Automated Inventory & Materials Management

Oversee Inventory & Materials with Real-time Optimization for Uninterrupted Stock Control

AMFG AM OEM Inventory & Material Management

Achieve Transparent Oversight of Material Inventories

Find the best balance between lean, just-in-time delivery, and strategic stock-keeping through AMFG’s inventory management tool. Guarantee your business consistently has the right resources available, leveraging historical data analysis to establish a dynamic demand forecast. Save valuable time on crucial resource identification and recovery processes.

Guard Against Stockouts with Automated Reordering Systems

Harness the power of live IIoT inventory level tracking to identify items at risk of stockouts and tailor automated reordering to match your business’s variable consumption patterns. Streamline distributed production by monitoring inventory levels across multiple warehouses, all within a unified digital platform.

AMFG AM OEM Inventory & Material Management
AMFG AM OEM Inventory & Material Management

Maintain Visibility of Product and Material Variants

Effortlessly manage product variants and various materials, minimizing the risk of costly resource mix-ups through effective categorization. Centralize restocks from multiple channels and suppliers. Customize lead times based on material, machine, and resource availability, aligning with your business’s preferred reordering cycle.

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

AMFG’s quotation tool enables Ricoh 3D to generate new business across several markets, while the project management tools help us streamline our operational processes [...] AMFG’s feature-rich and fully-customisable platform sets us up for significant future expansion.
Mark Dickin

Manufacturing and Moulding Engineering Manager
Ricoh UK Products Ltd.

AMFG was the solution that best fit our requirements to manage all our streams for manufacturing [...] connectivity and openness of the platform let us imagine very powerful integrations with our ecosystem.
Arnaud Cosson

Digital Workflow Engineer

AMFG has a lot of capability packed into the software [...] Strategically, I could see that growing AME-3D would be an easier task when we were building on a platform that offers clarity, control, and consistency.
Rich Proctor

Managing Director
AME Group

Efficient connectivity and easy access to systems data is key to accelerating the journey towards digital production. We’re excited to partner with AMFG to help our customers bring more control, automation and visibility into their operations.
Ryan Palmer

Global Head of Software, Data and Automation, HP Personalization and Industrial Business

Working for world leading customers in widely differing industries powers us to be constantly in line with the highest requirements [...] AMFG was keen to understand and implement more complex manufacturing process chains as a mirror picture into their MES solution.
Christian Seifarth

Project Manager
cirp GmbH

After a longstanding evaluation of potential providers, only AMFG provided a solution for the full additive workflow to give us the agility we needed. When you have to manage 1m+ parts per annum, ensuring you have the right MES is a critical requirement.
Andreas Knöchel

Head of Program Management - Manufacturing Lattice

We wanted to have a scalable solution, with which it’d be possible to start small and then add modules as our technology evolved and matured. This is something we have found with AMFG.
Matthew Forrester

Technical Manager

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