Repeatable End-Part Production

Manage Your Entire AM Ecosystem On A Single Platform
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Auto analysis
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Post processing

Move from prototype to production

Scale your production capabilities with 3D printing software. Whether you require small or large
batch production, standard or unique, one-off end parts, AM can shorten production times and reduce
manufacturing costs. But you’ll need a reliable and repeatable production process to ensure that
your parts meet the right specifications at all times.

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Achieve full traceability

Greater traceability along the production workflow is vital. With AMFG, you can be sure that each production
step is logged and tracked, so you know exactly what is happening and when. Track all changes to your STL
files, and review key production data for full transparency.

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A repeatable, traceable process

AMFG helps you ensure a repeatable production process by documenting all part requirements. Create your own digital part catalogue, complete with part specifications, and easily access and reproduce your most requested parts. Manage key parameters like part orientation and ensure that the printing process remains the same each time.

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With AMFG, you can easily send verified parts straight to production. Easily visualise and review your builds, using our smart scheduling production overview. Optimise your production capabilities by verifying machine usage, and easily identify parts post-production with our 3D model visualisation tool, complete with full part specifications.

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