AMFG and Imperial College London Win Innovate UK mKTP Towards Unlocking and Delivering Fully Autonomous Manufacturing

Imperial AMFG

LONDON, UK, February, 21, 2023 – AMFG, a fast growing MES & workflow automation software for manufacturing, today announces their joint achievement of a Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership award (mKTP) with world leading research hub Imperial College London, propelling AMFG’S development of the first ever ‘Autonomous Solution’ for manufacturing.

The competition, co-funded by the UK Government’s Research and Innovation agency Innovate UK, grants winners the opportunity to drive transformative research.  

Reflecting on the award, academic lead at Imperial’s Dyson School of Design Engineering Dr. Connor Myant commented: “Establishing strong collaborations with industry is central to modern academia, and together we can solve real-world problems. Teaming up with AMFG, we aim to do exactly that. Our mKTP will create exciting opportunities to build research activities across the digital manufacturing spectrum.”


From the First industrial revolution to the Fourth we find ourselves within today, innovation in the manufacturing sphere has for centuries impacted our societies and economies on a global scale. The past few years following the global pandemic has brought with it a new wave of developments, with initiatives like the IRA in the U.S exemplifying the continuous investment channelled into challenging the industry’s boundaries and pushing it forward.


Despite this, many sectors within manufacturing still lag behind in the adoption of digitisation towards even greater advancement. Additive manufacturing, one technology that has been steadily climbing in industrial prominence over the past few years, stands only a few steps away from delivering production at scale, with digital technologies like AMFG’s MES critically confronting the roadblocks towards its achievement. In driving manufacturing businesses towards their true potential, autonomous manufacturing – the entirely independent functioning of AM machines – will be imperative. Its implementation would mean improving productivity by 92%, as well as reducing lead times from five days down to just one.


Together with Imperial College London’s world leading knowledge-base and research experience in Design Thinking and Additive Manufacturing, alongside expert guidance in managing, tracking and scaling operations, the mKTP will equip AMFG to tackle the complex development of end-to-end autonomy. This will be facilitated through academic supervisions, Project Management and research group meetings, alongside participation in other academic activities. 


Promoting a culture of innovation will be essential to running forward-thinking development initiatives for each aspect of the AM workflow. Embedding operational model changes, new management structures, and running staff through new training, the mKTP will establish the controlled environment necessary to conduct pivotal R&D initiatives, driven by a bold and creative mindset. 


AMFG is currently the only UK-founded AM MES software, with a global headquarters recently established in Austin, Texas. Consequently, the company’s pioneering movement into the autonomous manufacturing space seeks to cement the UK as the global leader in AM manufacturing software, opening up jobs and attracting the brightest minds in technology. 


Keyvan Karimi, founder and CEO of AMFG, noted: “This R&D partnership marks a monumental step towards bringing the vision of autonomous manufacturing into reality. We are excited to be forging a relationship with an institution renowned for world-changing innovation.”

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