AMFG Announces Multi-Platform Solution for Additive Manufacturing Production

AMFG’s new tablet-optimised post production solutions and desktop application allow its production automation software to be used across all devices.

10 October 2018 – AMFG has today announced that it now offers a multi-platform solution for additive manufacturing, with the release of a tablet-optimised solution for post production and post-processing in addition to a new, downloadable, desktop application. As a result, AMFG’s AI-driven production automation software can now be used across all devices, providing much-needed flexibility and mobility to manufacturers.

AMFG’s tablet-optimised solution is designed to be used on the production floor, giving project engineers and technicians a portable, digital way to quickly track and identify parts post production. Using the system’s advanced 3D viewer, users can easily identify successful parts in real time and place any failed prints back into the system’s production queue. The 3D viewer also includes all data about the part and also logs all user activity. To ensure the quality of printed parts, AMFG’s post production solution also offers the ability to track quality assurance checks.


“Manufacturers value the benefits of added mobility, which is why all of our software’s production management functionalities are optimised for tablet use.”

“For the post production stage in particular, the real value of this is in the added efficiency. Identifying parts following production is a time-consuming, manual process, but our tablet solution completely eliminates the need to manually print out job sheets to identify parts.”

Felix Doerr

Head of Business Development

“Our post production management solution also offers the ability to add annotations and an automated QA system, making the entire production process paperless and, more importantly, fully traceable.”

In addition to the tablet solutions, AMFG has also released a downloadable desktop application, giving its customers the flexibility to use the production management software directly from their desktop in addition to within their browsers.

“The desktop application is an extension of our vision to make managing the additive manufacturing process as seamless and efficient as possible.”

“With many of our customers using a variety of different software, from design to ERP and PLM, our desktop application will help create a streamlined user experience and make it easier to accommodate third-party integrations.”

Felix Doerr

AMFG’s Head of Business Development

About AMFG

AMFG provides workflow automation software that enables companies to streamline and manage their end-to-end additive manufacturing workflows. With solutions encompassing production management, logistics and supply chain integration, AMFG empowers companies to scale their additive manufacturing operations – and gain more efficiency, traceability and productivity in the process. The AMFG vision is to drive autonomous manufacturing through highly connected, AI-driven workflows.

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