AMFG Powered by Dyndrite Enables One-Stop Shop for Cross-Platform 3D Metal Automated Production

  • Companies create integration link enabling bi-directional data exchange
  • Enables customers to drive cross-platform LPBF printing from one application
  • Brings automated process-to-part app development capability to metal 3D printing
  • Substantial time and cost savings, with customers experiencing hundreds of hours of labor reduction per year


AUSTIN, TX, May 1st, 2023 RapidTCT ’23 — Today Dyndrite™, providers of the GPU-accelerated computation engine used to create next-generation digital manufacturing hardware and software, and AMFG, providers of MES and workflow software that empowers manufacturers to manage their manufacturing workflows, announced AMFG powered by Dyndrite. The integrated solution unlocks the full potential of metal 3D printing by bringing order-to-part automation, eliminating bottlenecks, and streamlining the entire production process for increased efficiency and cost savings.


Additive CAM, also known as 3D print preparation, remains a manual, time-consuming and tedious roadblock to a truly autonomous manufacturing workflow. This is especially true where machines from multiple vendors are involved or where different customer orders must be collated into the same build. AMFG powered by Dyndrite, combines advanced order processing capabilities with the rich industrial 3D printer processing capabilities of Dyndrite. The combined solution enables Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) users and service bureaus to deploy automated ordering, collating, and dynamically processed part production services. 


An investigation among AMFG customers reveals impressive benefits of over 500 hours per machine per year in saved labor for powder-based processes alone, excluding additional advantages such as minimized human error, expedited turnaround times, and enhanced machine utilization. Monthly, this translates to a remarkable 220-300 hours saved for six machines, which equates to approximately 40 hours per printer per month. The integration between AMFG and Dyndrite not only streamlines the manufacturing process but also significantly impacts businesses by facilitating quicker time to market and fostering trust through the reduction of time to ship.


“Our partnership with AMFG allows us to stay at the forefront of the Additive Industry. We are excited to further streamline the production process through automated print preparation, allowing us to deliver high-quality parts across platforms to our customers faster than ever before. This has not only helped us improve our customer satisfaction, but also further developed our substantial capability for mass-production, as we work together to explore new opportunities enabled by a true automated additive CAM solution integrated with AMFG’s world-leading MES.”

Richard Minifie, RICOH


The ability to deploy automated LPBF additive CAM solutions revolutionizes its applicability as a reliable AM production process. The combination of AMFG + Dyndrite transforms the technology from a promising but cumbersome concept to a practical and reliable manufacturing tool.


Preparing build files for additive manufacturing processes, including LPBF, can be a complex and time-consuming process, often taking days or weeks to complete. This problem is compounded when working with multiple machines from different vendors as each machine often has its own proprietary method for driving the process. The lack of standardization of file formats, parameters and protocols also means engineers and technicians must spend an inordinate amount of time adjusting and tweaking build files. With the challenges of the skills shortage across manufacturing, it has become more difficult to train and retain technicians with technical proficiency across multiple machine and software standards. This is all without considering the cost of paying numerous legacy software licenses and modules to manually prepare build files. These issues are especially acute for service bureaus who work across multiple platforms and require streamlined part production and managed labor costs.


AMFG powered by Dyndrite provides an autonomous manufacturing workflow. The benefits of each software complement each other to form a unified solution:

AMFG’s order management system receives and collates orders from multiple customers, sorted by machining process and parameters. Next, the disparate parts enter AMFG software powered by Dyndrite, whose GPU-accelerated CAM engine enables those parts to be nested, supported, labeled, and toolpaths generated for compatible machines, including Aconity3D, EOS, Renishaw, SLM Solutions and others. 


Production build data re-enter AMFG’s MES, which harnesses its powerful production planning capabilities to provide real-time build status updates and analytics, as well as its QMS to ensure jobs are completed with no compromise in quality. The AMFG MES powered by Dyndrite, eliminates countless engineering hours spent manually prepping and collating build files and acquiring costly software modules for each metal platform acquired.


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“We are entering a new era of manufacturing. One driven by data and automation,” said Keyvan Karimi, founder and CEO of AMFG.  “By adopting Dyndrite we enable data automation down to the toolpath, unlocking the full potential of each machine, while growing efficiency and reducing the potential for human errors. Dyndrite’s cutting-edge technology is enabling our LPBF customers to produce complex parts with unprecedented precision, speed, and reliability, giving our industry the boost it needs to compete with traditional manufacturing techniques.”


“The partnership between AMFG and Dyndrite marks a significant step towards a seamless production process for 3D metal machines. By combining the strengths of our respective software, we’ve created a one-stop-shop solution that streamlines the complex and time-consuming task of driving the AM process,” said Harshil Goel, founder and CEO of Dyndrite. “With AMFG using our engine, manufacturers can expect increased efficiency, consistency, and reliability, making LPBF a more practical and adoptable tool in their production process.”


AMFG powered by Dyndrite, is available in Q3 2023. For companies interested in learning more please visit:


RapidTCT 23 – Chicago:

AMFG booth: #4656

Dyndrite booth: #3324





About Dyndrite


Dyndrite’s mission is to fundamentally change how geometry is created, transformed and transmitted on a computer. Our Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE) is the world’s first (geometry agnostic), multi-threaded, GPU-accelerated Geometry Engine. We create and license tools that give companies the power, freedom and control necessary to deliver on the potential of digital manufacturing.


Dyndrite democratizes access to a hyper-scalable, geometry-agnostic set of digital manufacturing software tools that deliver eyebrow-raising performance. The company’s team of mathematicians, computer scientists, and engineers exists to help our partners and customers solve the toughest geometry, compute and automation problems so they can deliver AM production at scale. We aim to ignite their purpose.  


Investors include Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused Investment Fund and former Autodesk CEO Carl Bass. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Seattle, WA. Dyndrite was named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer for 2021. 


Dyndrite PR Contact: Shawn Hopwood /



About AMFG


AMFG is the trusted partner for businesses seeking to expand their operations and embrace digital transformation. 


A leading provider of MES & workflow software for both additive and wider manufacturing processes, our software solutions empower manufacturers to manage their workflows and achieve streamlined, automated processes as they scale their businesses.


Serving clients in over 30 countries, from small machine shops to Fortune 500 giants, we are the driving force behind the manufacturing revolution.


Our vision is to accelerate the adoption of automation, as we continue to pioneer innovations in manufacturing technology. By harnessing the power of automation, we’re propelling the industry into a new era of efficiency and sustainability.


AMFG PR Contact: Samuel Byrne /

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