AMFG’s New Whitepaper Explores the Role of Additive MES Software in Scaling Additive Production

AMFG’s 20-page guide takes a deep dive into how Additive MES helps to manage and optimise AM operations

London, UK, Tuesday 18 February — AMFG, the leading provider of MES software for additive manufacturing, has today released the industry’s first in-depth whitepaper on Additive Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

Manufacturers typically face the challenge of establishing a scalable and connected workflow, which is a key barrier to using AM for production. An additional obstacle is the need for greater traceability across their AM operations, which can be difficult to achieve due to manual processes and a lack of connectivity.

AMFG’s whitepaper examines how Additive MES software can help to tackle these challenges by connecting all data, processes and operations on a single, end-to-end platform. This enables manufacturers to optimise their operational processes and, ultimately, facilitates better decision-making across the enterprise.


While exploring the benefits and core functionality of Additive MES, the whitepaper also covers:

→ How you can leverage MES software to optimise and scale your operations,

→ The 13 key questions manufacturers should ask when selecting an Additive MES vendor,

→ Insights on how to establish a solid Additive MES strategy

“Scalability, repeatability and connectivity are the key talking points within the AM industry. These areas highlight the growing importance of MES software, which aims to address these issues and empower companies to establish greater automation and visibility across their processes”

Victoria Akinsowon

Senior Marketing Manager at AMFG.

“Our new whitepaper sheds the light on the current capabilities of Additive MES software and how manufacturers can leverage MES software to optimise their AM operations and scale for the future.”

Download the whitepaper here

About AMFG

AMFG is a leading provider of MES software for additive manufacturing. Our software solutions empower manufacturers to manage their additive manufacturing workflows and achieve streamlined, automated processes.

With customers in 26 countries and across a range of industries, we specialise in enabling companies to successfully integrate AM into their wider manufacturing processes and to scale their AM operations.

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