AMFG Unveils New “Holistic Build Analysis” for Automated Production Scheduling

New build analysis tool significantly increases production scheduling efficiency

LONDON, UK, 31 July 2018 — AMFG, a UK-based provider of workflow automation software for additive manufacturing, today unveiled a new Holistic Build Analysis tool that allows manufacturers to instantly estimate how full a machine build is — without the need for nesting. This marks the latest addition to the company’s AI-powered software platform and will enable users to predict how cost-effective a part will be to produce

Further expanding its auto-scheduling capabilities, AMFG’s Holistic Build Analysis tool uses machine learning technology to provide users with an alternative, virtually instantaneous, way to estimate the capacity of their builds without having to go through the nesting process.

“Our new build analysis feature offers significant time savings for manufacturers.”

“Many nesting software packages offer an iterative solution, requiring users to set time limits before the nesting process is completed. This is an incredibly time-consuming process, particularly if you merely need an estimate of how full your builds are for production scheduling purposes.”

Felix Doerr

Head of Business Development at AMFG

“With Holistic Build Analysis, instead of waiting hours to see how full your build is, our customers can receive an accurate capacity estimation in only a matter of seconds. Our new tool is a radical alternative not only in terms of the time savings it delivers, but also because of its potential it has to change the way we optimise production scheduling for additive manufacturing.”


Being able to predict the capacity of a machine build can help companies prioritise production jobs and streamline the production planning process. Currently, manufacturers must use nesting software to achieve this — a time-consuming process that can take hours or even days to complete.

With AMFG’s production management system, users can assign parts to a build, after which machine learning algorithms are used to generate an estimate of the build’s fill rate almost instantaneously. Given as a percentage, users can then use this data to prioritise the parts that should be produced next, for example, based on deadlines, machine availability or the optimal arrangement of parts.

“Our customers will be able to compare requested parts by volume and geometrical parameters to see where they fit best on the build.”

“Soon, the system will even be able to suggest which parts should be produced next.”

Felix Doerr

Head of Business Development at AMFG

“Our software’s estimations are becoming ever-more accurate thanks to our algorithms. Over time, we anticipate that automated build analysis and scheduling will become an integrated part of the end-to-end manufacturing process, taking additive manufacturing another step closer to a fully automated, autonomous manufacturing future.”

About AMFG

AMFG provides workflow automation software that enables companies to streamline and manage their end-to-end additive manufacturing workflows. With solutions encompassing production management, logistics and supply chain integration, AMFG empowers companies to scale their additive manufacturing operations – and gain more efficiency, traceability and productivity in the process. The AMFG vision is to drive autonomous manufacturing through highly connected, AI-driven workflows.

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