Japanese e-commerce giant DMM.com Group selects AMFG to streamline AM operations for over 190,000 customers

LONDON, UK, February, 08, 2023 – Market-leading manufacturing software company AMFG today announces the commencement of a new partnership with DMM.com, a Japan-based electronic commerce group with a diverse range of subsidiary businesses and hosting nearly 40 million members. The new connection will drive DMM.com’s initiative to streamline their large-scale AM operations, making a formidable debut for AMFG as they enter the Japanese market for the first time.


AMFG’s solution will be incorporated into DMM.make, an online 3D printing service that has grown over the course of eight years to serve 70,000 customers on both an individual and enterprise basis.

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The website offers users a platform by which to create 3D models and sell them on an electronic marketplace. Supporting a broad range of 3D printing technologies, alongside an array of 26 potential materials, DMM.make caters for diverse AM use-cases spanning from individual printing jobs to mass production. Great emphasis is placed on the breadth of its operable scope, providing an apt solution to both beginner 3D printers and professionals. 


Prior to their partnership with AMFG, DMM.com’s operations had been leaning on an MES developed in-house. However, the platform proved consistently difficult to use, falling below the efficiency standards required for their large-scale operations. 


The company consequently made the decision to shift their approach and seek out a SaaS solution as part of a year-long system restructuring initiative. After thoroughly screening the market, AMFG was singled out as the solution most suited to address DMM.com’s needs.


It was AMFG’s product adaptability that caught and held DMM.com’s attention; the company was keen not to lose their ordering portal in the process of introducing a new MES. AMFG’s ability to link its backend with their pre-existing frontend thus became an important factor in demonstrating the software’s aptitude. Furthermore, the sophisticated functionalities offered within the incorporable backend, such as production scheduling and workflow automation, proffered a great value-add to DMM.com’s operations.


Maintaining the successful aspects of their preexisting system, yet also introducing a number of functional improvements and alterations, AMFG’s solution moulded itself with intricacy to DMM.com’s very specific conditions.. Following a working trial, augmented by visits to HP’s facility in Barcelona where they were able to observe AMFG in operation, and meeting AMFG face-to-face for the first time at Formnext 2022, DMM finalised their decision to enter into partnership with AMFG. 


In light of the partnership, DMM’s Senior Manager Yuki Terashita commented: “We compared multiple vendors for the introduction of MES, and we found AMFG’s interface was the most intuitive and easy to understand. In addition, AMFG was fast in action to update our request on their system during the validation process, which is essential for MES in additive manufacturing as its technology is being updated frequently”.


Expanding on the new connection, Eleonore Caby, AMFG’s Enterprise Business Development Director added: “The opportunity to work with DMM.com is a milestone success for AMFG, demonstrating our ability to succeed with a true enterprise leader in the Japanese market. The thoroughness of DMM’s process, assessing every competitor in the industry and opting for AMFG, validated our solution as best-in-class, and HP’s adoption of AMFG in their DFactory facility in Barcelona provided a perfect endorsement for DMM.”


For more information, please email press@amfg.ai

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