Makelab Uses AMFG’s Automation Software to Launch On-Demand Manufacturing Platform

US service bureau turns to automation to make 3D printing more accessible

New York service bureau Makelab has today announced its partnership with AMFG, which provides automation software for industrial 3D printing. The partnership will see Makelab implementing AMFG’s automation software to make 3D printing more accessible to designers, engineers and universities, as well as automate the company’s manufacturing operations.

Headquartered in Brooklyn, Makelab provides in-house manufacturing services, including product design, production and custom finishing. With customers ranging from the automotive industry to architecture and jewellery, the company has seen a surge in demand in the past year thanks to its production of affordable, high-quality 3D printed parts. To meet this demand, Makelab aims to automate its entire business operations, from handling requests to production, using AMFG.

“With AMFG, we’ve found an end-to-end solution which not only takes care of the auto-quoting in a more user-friendly and intuitive way, but also takes care of managing production, which is a huge advantage for us.“

“As we scale our business, we’re always looking for innovative ways to solve key issues like keeping track of all our machines, effectively packing builds and ultimately, optimising our workflow for maximum efficiency. AMFG answered all of these questions and more, so we can provide a faster, more efficient service for our customers.”

Christina Perla

co-founder of Makelab


AMFG offers an on-demand portal through which customers can request parts in 4 easy steps, using the software’s auto-quoting tool. Customers simply upload their files and receive a quotation in seconds, while on the backend, the software automatically conducts auto-analysis and repair functions, including wall-thickness analysis. Makelab will also implement AMFG’s production management system, enabling it to:

  • Automatically schedule production jobs and optimise build space,
  • Track parts and requests,
  • Plan its post-processing services and conduct quality assurance control.


“Our partnership with Makelab marks AMFG’s further expansion into the US market. With the demand for 3D printing growing exponentially, now is the time for service bureaus and OEMs to start thinking about how to scale their AM operations in the long term. Makelab faced this challenge and concluded that production automation is the right solution. We look forward to helping them continue to deliver exceptional results.”

Felix Doerr

Head of Business Development at AMFG

Implementing AMFG’s automation software will also enable Makelab to push forward in other areas, such as its fulfilment partnerships. The company has begun working with leading e-commerce stores, recently becoming the US arm for the fulfilment centre of one of the largest toy manufacturers in the market.

“Using AMFG has helped us to open up and streamline other areas of our business.”

“Previously, production was a manual, time-consuming process. But with AMFG’s software, we can now easily integrate fulfilment into our existing workflows by digitising the entire 3D printing process.”

Christina Perla

co-founder of Makelab

About Makelab

Makelab is an innovative Brooklyn-based company fostering faster and cutting-edge 3D printing technology. Owned and operated by a team of versatile designers and engineers, Makelab provides immediate access to unique 3D manufactured prototyping, where anyone from anywhere can model, order, and print online in 4 easy steps.

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About AMFG

AMFG provides workflow automation software that enables companies to streamline and manage their end-to-end additive manufacturing workflows. With solutions encompassing production management, logistics and supply chain integration, AMFG empowers companies to scale their additive manufacturing operations – and gain more efficiency, traceability and productivity in the process. The AMFG vision is to drive autonomous manufacturing through highly connected, AI-driven workflows.

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