Our Pricing

Our approach to pricing is based around making the tools needed for successful additive manufacturing projects available to suit both your budget and the scale of your projects. We offer two core packages: RP Platform Professional and RP Platform Enterprise. Both these packages can be set up to your specific requirements, ensuring you and your customers get the greatest possible value out of your investment.


From 400€ /monthFrom £350 /monthFrom $450 /month

plus variable fees

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Automated Quotations & Orders
Assisted Quotationsyesyes
Quotation Managementyesyes
Order Managementyesyes
Online Customer Accountsyesyes
Customer Managementyesyes
Payment GatewaysStandard (5)Advanced (100+)
File & Data Management & Repair
File Analysis, Repair & Preparationyesyes
Multiple CAD Formats3 formats20 formats
Secure CAD Storageyesyes
Local CAD Storagenoyes
Custom Data Export Formatnoyes
End-to-End Workflow Management
Users2 usersUnlimited
Production Managementnoyes
Third-Party Integrationsnoyes
Ongoing Support
Monthly Software Updatesyesyes
Email Supportyesyes
Telephone Supportyesyes
Face-to-Face Support & Workshopsnoyes

Pricing FAQ

Can I get a free trial?

Yes. We offer a complimentary 30-day trial so you can experience the benefits of RP Platform for yourself. Just contact our team to arrange a full demo and begin your free trial.

How do I get started with RP Platform?

We would recommend that you request a demo of the platform, after which you will be able to explore the platform yourself, with a free 30-day trial.

Do the fees include VAT?

None of our fees include VAT. This will be added to your monthly subscription.