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Athleticae S.r.l”, 3D-printed AMbelievable Racket Dampener

By Athleticae S.r.l

Technology: Multi Jet Fusion Industry: Commercial Material: Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Machine: HP Jet Fusion 5400

Athleticae S.r.l”, 3D-printed AMbelievable Racket Dampener

Elevate your game with cutting-edge 3D printed dampeners - redefining performance and precision on the tennis court.



AMbelievable, a startup based in Italy specializing in 3D printing, has introduced a groundbreaking innovation to the world of tennis. Their flagship product is the world’s first 3D-printed tennis racket dampener, which they assert stands out as the lightest, most aerodynamic, and most effective in preventing injuries. With a mission to transform the tennis experience for players worldwide, both recreational and professional, AMbelievable's vision extends beyond traditional dampeners that merely absorb racket vibrations passively. Their engineers have ingeniously modified the internal structure of the dampener to elastically respond and selectively dissipate specific frequencies, setting a new standard in racket technology. By strategically disrupting vibrations through destructive interference, AMbelievable's design targets the key frequencies inherent in a tennis racket's vibration profile: low, medium, and high frequencies originating from the frame and string dynamics. Yet, rather than indiscriminately damping all frequencies, AMbelievable's innovative topology allows for the absorption of selected vibrations, ushering in a fresh dimension to the playing experience. This strategic frequency dispersion, coupled with enhancements in the center of mass and aerodynamics, underscores the dampener's multifaceted benefits. Remarkably, the AMbelievable dampener boasts a staggering 70% reduction in weight compared to conventional counterparts, tipping the scales at a mere 1g. This feat is made possible through the intricate geometries achievable only through advanced 3D printing techniques. Utilizing elastomer TPU in powdered form and employing MJF 3D printing, the dampener's internal structure occupies a modest 10-40% of the total volume, further contributing to its featherweight design. Notably, the choice of recyclable materials aligns with AMbelievable's commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Moreover, the versatility of 3D printing enables customization tailored to individual players' preferences. With the ability to produce on-demand, players can specify personalized details when placing orders, ensuring an optimal fit for their playing style and needs.



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