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CRP Technology & Hexadrone, 3D-printed Tundra-M professional drone for industrial and multi-purpose tasks

By CRP Technology

Material: Windform® SP and Windform® XT 2.0 Machine: A medium-frame SLS 3D printer with digital scanning Industry: Automotive & Mobility Technology: Selective Laser Sintering

CRP Technology & Hexadrone, 3D-printed Tundra-M professional drone for industrial and multi-purpose tasks

Innovative solutions soar: 3D-printed drone Tundra-M elevates efficiency by redefining industrial versatility.



3D printing has ushered in a new era of drone manufacturing where precision meets innovation. Tundra-M drone was manufactured by two companies: CRP Technology and Hexadrone. Due to this partnership, the first fully modular and easy-to-use drone for industrial and multi-purpose tasks was created. This drone is extremely adaptable to meet the needs of any profession while making operational conditions easier to maintain. Some of the most essential parts of the drone were composed of two Windform® materials, which have mechanical and thermal properties to resist extreme weather conditions. The body of the drone and the four removable and scalable arms were manufactured with the composite polyamide-based material carbon filled Windform® SP (arms) and Windform® XT 2.0 (body). The Windform® composite materials boast the following advantages: moderate price, lightweight density, neutral color and texture suitable for prototypes, and moisture resilience. The body frame comprises the main frame plus a removable top lid containing the brain of the Tundra-M. Furthermore, the arms are composed of motor supports, removable arms, and an interlocking base, allowing the user to easily tighten the four arms with the support of a patented “tension ring”. This stiff system allows the user to connect and disconnect the interchangeable arms on a discretionary basis. As a result, the implementation of SLS 3D printing technology helped to meet the project requirements, such as a fast iteration process, the ideal ratio between structural strength and weight, acceptable consistent results, and the opportunity to combine multiple functionalities from one unique part.



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