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CyBe & SEABOOST, 3D printed Artificial Reef


Industry: Construction Technology: CyBe CHYSEL and CyBe ARTISAN software Material: CyBe MORTAR (Low-carbon 3D Concrete) Machine: CyBe RC

CyBe & SEABOOST, 3D printed Artificial Reef

Dive into a sustainable future: 3D printed artificial reefs preserving marine ecosystems for generations to come.



CyBe created a portion of the 3D-printed components that would be utilized for the development of SEABOOST’s exceptionally large artificial reef structure situated in France. The print contained 26 different elements and was expected to weigh over 20,000 kilograms. The challenge posed in the creation of this print was that it would be deployed as an artificial reef, meaning it needed to provide a habitat for marine life that was designed by Seaboost. The structure needed to possess a complex design with holes and cavities to offer the appropriate environment for oceanic flora and fauna. In addition, Seaboost requested that only the walls, doors, and arches of the structures be printed by CyBe, which would later be assembled. Although SEABOOST had a general idea of the finishing, hence the need to create 3D elements that would guarantee a minimum inner resistance to ensure that the structural design of the artificial reef would meet the strict marine environmental conditions. CyBe had to print multiple structures created by SEABOOST that mimicked coral reefs in terms of cavities and inconsistencies, while still possessing the structural integrity to support lifting and handling for deployment at sea under strict hydrodynamic conditions. This hybrid structure was created using 3D walls, doors, and arches, combined with a structural gantry made of reinforced poured concrete. The use of parametric design helped to determine the printability of the design and to create different complex shapes. It also aided in adapting the 3D part of the reef design with SEABOOST to meet the specific requirements of the marine environment it would be placed in. The final coral reef design had measurements of 8x6x7 meters, denoting its length, width, and height, respectively.



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