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HILOS Footwear, 3D printed Shoes on-demand


Technology: MJF Material: Ultrasint® TPU01 Machine: HP 5200 Industry: Commercial

HILOS Footwear, 3D printed Shoes on-demand

HILOS unveils new Studio platform for brands and independent designers to launch exceptional on-demand footwear.



Cutting-edge 3D printed footwear - a groundbreaking technology that promises to transform the way we think about shoes. HILOS, a Portland-based startup founded in 2019, produces 3D-printed shoes on demand. Elias Stahl, CEO and co-founder of HILOS has created eco-friendly footwear to minimize waste with MJF technology. HILOS production method contributes to environmental protection by manufacturing shoes from a thermoplastic polyurethane powder, which reduces the release of planet-warming carbon by 48% and uses 99% less water compared to traditional manufacturing methods. These sustainable shoes are printed with 80% recycled material and can be recycled when they wear out. For their HELM Boots partnership, which won for Best in Show and Innovative World Technologies at SXSW ‘22, HILOS took advantage of 3D printing capabilities to decrease waste, combining HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology with vegan leather uppers. In order to revolutionize the footwear industry, the company developed a special approach that enables rapid manufacturing, unlike the traditional methods of production. In fact, it takes only 72 hours from ordering to shipping as the number of pieces to construct each pair has been reduced from 65 to 5. HILOS uses a unique 3D printing process to make the platform of the shoe, which includes the sole, heel, and parts between. As a result, the amount of glue required to assemble the footwear is reduced. More importantly, the upper part of the shoes is attached with cables, which is why the pair of shoes is easy to break apart and recycle. With the launch of HILOS Studio, the company marks a significant expansion to a creative industry platform for on-demand footwear that achieves a product range from technical outdoor to luxury. They also announced brand partnerships with creative fashion house, Unknown Union, and fast-rising Romanian-born and London-based designer, Ancuta Sarca.



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