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INTAMSYS & the Institute of Industrial New Materials (Dezhou), 3D-printed Intake Manifolds for a specific aircraft engine


Industry: Aviation & Aerospace Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Material: PEEK-CF composite material Machine: FUNMAT PRO 610HT

INTAMSYS & the Institute of Industrial New Materials (Dezhou), 3D-printed Intake Manifolds for a specific aircraft engine

Elevate Your Engine: Precision-Crafted 3D-printed Intake Manifolds for Aircraft Engine Model.



Established in January 2021, the Institute of Industrial New Materials (Dezhou) has committed itself to the exploration, advancement, and commercialization of various technologies pertinent to marine composite materials, 5G communication composites, advanced composite manufacturing processes, and high-end equipment. The institute has forged a partnership with INTAMSYS, focusing on two key initiatives aimed at leveraging 3D printing technology for the development and integration of composite product parts. One notable endeavor undertaken by the institute involved the development of intake manifolds tailored for a specific aircraft engine. Intake manifolds, crucial components within engine systems, wield significant influence over overall engine performance. Nonetheless, their intricate design has presented formidable obstacles during the development phase, including challenges in mold fabrication, cost escalation, and the time-intensive vibration welding procedure. Consequently, these hurdles have prolonged lead times and hampered efficiency in product development. In response to these challenges, the institute embarked on its maiden venture into direct production of intake manifolds utilizing FFF 3D printing technology. Following extensive research and assessment of various FFF 3D printer brands based on material capabilities, equipment functionalities, and service provisions, the institute opted for the FUNMAT PRO 610HT 3D printer by INTAMSYS, coupled with PEEK-CF composite material, for product development and application. Functioning as a high-performance FFF printing apparatus, the FUNMAT PRO 610HT is purposefully engineered for printing high-temperature thermoplastic materials like PEEK, ULTEM, and PPSU. Its versatile nature enables it to accommodate a wide array of thermoplastic materials, including custom formulations. As a result, the 3D-printed component measures 218.4×216.4×95.4mm. Collaboratively developed by institute experts and INTAMSYS engineers, the design underwent optimization for manufacturing (DfAM), with printing processes fine-tuned to achieve the following enhancements: weight Reduction by 30%, dimensional precision within a range of ±0.2mm, enhanced mechanical strength by 30%, high-temperature resistance up to 144°C.



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