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Jabil & KAV Sports collaborated to launch 3D Printed Bike Helmet

By KAV Sports

Step into a new era of helmet technology with KAV, where innovation meets unparalleled safety. Their unique approach combines cutting-edge 3D printing technology with bespoke design, offering unparalleled protection and...

Material: Proprietary PolyCarbon Composite TM Machine: Custom Prusas with proprietary slicer, firmware and custom hardware Industry: Automotive & Mobility Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling, Fused Filament Fabrication

Jabil & KAV Sports collaborated to launch 3D Printed Bike Helmet

Jabil designed custom material for the KAV 3D-printed Kaze bike helmet to fulfil the mission of saving lives



KAV unveiled a personalized 3D-printed bicycle helmet in collaboration with manufacturing solutions provider Jabil. The ability to customize helmets to a person’s unique head shape means that KAV helmets are comfortable, make people look great, and most importantly, have exceptional performance to protect people better than existing EPS foam. Nine months were spent on developing the customized material for KAV by the team of additive manufacturing engineers, chemists, materials scientists, and production experts at Jabil’s Materials Innovation Center in Minnesota. For KAV’s 2nd Gen materials, Jabil engineered a custom nylon carbon-fiber composite that embodied all the properties needed to provide sufficient stability under extreme environmental conditions. Most importantly, KAV took advantage of additive manufacturing and released tailor-made 3D-printed helmets to fulfil the mission of saving lives. As a result of this collaboration, a custom material that was stiff and strong yet flexible enough to accommodate both high and low temperatures was created. One of the main features of these unique helmets is the rapid production and delivery times within two weeks from a fit confirmation using their new digital fit app. The significance of deploying 3D Printing lies in the variety of choices that cater to the precise 3D model of each individual’s head. The 3rd generation KAV PolyCarbon Composite TM material naturally wicks heat 8x better than EPS foam and Hex Honeycomb Structure TM provides an open cell interior, facilitating passive ventilation and temperature regulation. It was asserted that the product met and exceeded U.S. CPSC safety standards for impact resistance by more than 50% across all impact scenarios in its Kaze helmet. Jabil worked alongside KAV to achieve that milestone and applied comprehensive innovations in materials formulation, compound development, materials systems integration, and ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification.



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