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Model No. 3d printed zero waste lightning collection

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Material: PLA resins Machine: AIMLab Gantry-S Industry: Prototyping Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling

Model No. 3d printed zero waste lightning collection

Transforming waste into elegance: Sustainable style with 3D printed recycled lightning collection.



Illuminate and innovate your space with cutting-edge and eco-friendly 3D-printed lamps. Inspired by ancient Mediterranean vases, the Amphora Pendant series is manufactured from plant-based resins that are 100% regenerative. These resins are used to replace petroleum-based materials with durable, customizable, reusable, sustainable, and highly biodegradable materials. Model No. manufactures from bio-resins as they produce 80% less greenhouse gas, use 52% less non-renewable energy, and do not mechanically degrade when recycled and reused. Accordingly, they can biodegrade in as fast as one year given the right composting conditions. In addition, this 3D-printed indoor lightings made from upcycled agricultural waste, taking from 5 to 8 weeks from ordering to shipping. Model No. manufactures furniture pieces on-demand at their factory in California. The company’s CEO, Phillip Raub believes in the sustainable future of technology, and consequently use locally sourced materials like plant-based resins in their products. The company values contemporary thinking, futuristic design, and the sustainability of modern furniture. Unlike the Amphora Pendant series, their EOS floor and table lamps evoke elements of mid-century modern design. The EOS collection have simple, geometric shapes and is made of sustainable hardwood and salvaged elm. The lighting series includes pendants, table lamps, and floor lamps that can be gorgeous independent fixtures or work together as a family, as they share similar forms and negative spaces.



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