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MyCello, 3d printed electric cello

By Sensio.cz

Industry: Prototyping Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication Material: PET-G Machine: Prusa MK3S

MyCello, 3d printed electric cello



In March 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ondra and Honza from Sensio.cz in the Czech Republic embarked on the project of 3D printing electric cellos. It was out of the ordinary to buy a 3D Printer and create an electric cello with unique acoustic properties. The two friends were inspired by Josef Prusa and his new direction of printing face shields. MyCello is made of PET-G material, along with a combination of carbon fiber polycarbonate for some component parts. Currently, the instrument is sold around the world, as the manufacturing time is significantly less than a traditional cello. Unlike its traditional counterpart, the electric cello can be printed and set up within a space of two days. Furthermore, the price is more acceptable and cheaper than a traditional instrument. The main focus of this project is on the innovative features which make this instrument available for everyone. An essential advantage of 3D printing is the flexibility of the instrument, enabling it to accommodate the size, color, number of strings, overall size, and other personal preferences according to the client's needs. Additionally, the following benefits include the variety of sound from very quiet to very loud; exceptional weight that allows to transport it without extra effort owing to the possibility of folding and breaking it down into its components parts. Moreover, MyCello is advantageous to the players as the cello can stand on its own, and has a holder for a string, a pencil, and a cell phone. The software company Sensio utilized 3D printing technology to create this innovative product to fit not only the needs of amateurs but also experienced cellists. As a result, people around the world appreciate and support the implementation of 3D printing in this sphere.



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