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Next-generation brand JK3D, 3D-printed Crystal Lamellas


Industry: Prototyping Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication Material: Glass Machine: Swarovski’s innovative glass 3D printing technology

Next-generation brand JK3D, 3D-printed Crystal Lamellas

Award-winning Austrian Designer and Creative Director of JK3D, Julia Koerner unveiled iconic Crystal Lamellas.



Additive manufacturing transforms ordinary objects into sophisticated and elegant architectural elements. During the Italian Glass Weeks in 2022, the Crystal Lamellas installation was presented by Julia Koerner at the Gritti Palace Hotel. The designer has collaborated with fashion designers and brands, costume designers, and global brands such as Swarovski. The Crystal Lamellas are digitally crafted and inspired by the structure, performance, and colours of the gills and lamellae of fungi. In addition, the design is 3D-printed spirally as a single shell using only the material required. The designs are digitally crafted and generated using an algorithm, resulting in unique geometries for each piece, but never an exact copy. In partnership with Swarovski, JK3D achieved the unique colouring and glass printing needed to create this piece. Long-term collaboration between these two companies made the innovative manufacturing solution possible. The sculptures are an extension of JK3D’s lamella series in 3D-printed polymers. The Crystal Lamellas are 3D printed with glass, a sustainable recyclable material. One of the main advantages of engaging in additive manufacturing in this industry is lightweight and has nearly zero waste in the production process.



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