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OECHSLER, Seating Experience 2.0 – reinvented Car Seat


Industry: Automotive & Mobility Machine: HP Jet Fusion 5200 Technology: Multi Jet Fusion Material: BASF Forward AM Ultrasint® TPU01, BASF Forward AM Ultracur3D® Coat F

OECHSLER, Seating Experience 2.0 – reinvented Car Seat

Crafted for Comfort: Experience the Future with 3D-Printed Car Seats.



In automotive innovation, OECHSLER stands as a pioneer, leveraging Additive Manufacturing (AM) to revolutionize the design and production of car upholstery. With a rich heritage in supplying the automotive industry, OECHSLER remains steadfast in achieving the highest certifications and quality standards, ensuring its products meet rigorous market demands. The journey begins with a meticulous analysis of car seat components, where OECHSLER employs sophisticated software design tools to transform 3D designs into intricate lattice structures. This innovative approach not only optimizes the design for additive manufacturing but also allows for the integration of additional functionalities such as seam channels and folding mechanisms. Drawing upon its extensive experience in the automotive sector, OECHSLER pioneers novel product design strategies that streamline assembly processes and enhance overall efficiency. Through ingenious hinging mechanisms, large components can be seamlessly produced in a single printing process, reducing time and costs. Moreover, OECHSLER ensures compliance with stringent quality standards and automotive specifications, addressing factors such as fittings, odor, and emissions. Key to the success of OECHSLER's endeavor is the utilization of Ultracur3D Coat F, developed by BASF Forward AM, which guarantees impeccable adhesion between the flexible substrate and applied coating, further enhancing durability and performance. Solid printed components, such as seatbelt guidings, ensure structural integrity and safety, while the ability to vary the hardness of backrest elements enhances comfort tailored to individual preferences. With OECHSLER's additively manufactured car seats, a paradigm shift in seating comfort is underway. From enhanced climate control to reduced weight and recyclable materials, these seats epitomize the future of automotive upholstery. As comfort becomes synonymous with innovation, OECHSLER's commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility ensures that the car seats of tomorrow are not just seats but experiences tailored to the individual.



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