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Posedla, Custom 3D-printed Saddle

By Posedla

Machine: HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology: Multi Jet Fusion Industry: Commercial Material: Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)

Posedla, Custom 3D-printed Saddle

Ride in Comfort: Precision 3D-printed Saddles for Your Journey



The Posedla Joyseat stands out as a fully custom 3D-printed saddle, uniquely positioned in today's market. It serves as the flagship product for the Czech company, prioritizing tailored fits to enhance the riding experience with superior comfort. Posedla measures its customers' sit bone widths using a foam imprint kit. Each saddle is crafted to endure for years using high-quality materials, tailored to the rider's unique anatomy and riding preferences. The manufacturing process integrates both 3D printing and handcrafted techniques, beginning only once the order is placed. Furthermore, Posedla's commitment lies in minimizing waste and optimizing resource usage. This ethos drives them to eschew disposable plastic packaging, prioritizing sustainable practices. The focus is also on carbon recycling, a complex endeavor compared to processing TPU, particularly in resin-saturated prepreg, a material integral to the production process. Their dedication to waste reduction extends to manufacturing practices. Thanks to the meticulous craftsmanship of the workers, they generate minimal waste, maximizing the utilization of materials like resin-saturated prepreg. In Germany, their partners utilize HP Multi Jet Fusion printers with TPU powder sourced from BASF to produce the unique 3D padding. This sets the company apart from competitors, typically using liquid polymer structures cured with UV light. TPU's recyclability further aligns with its sustainability goals, enabling it to incorporate up to 80% recycled powder material in its printing process. Meanwhile, in Varnsdorf, nestled in the Lusatian Mountains, their master craftsmen handcraft the carbon shell and rails, leveraging the inherent qualities of carbon fiber—quality, stiffness, and lightness. Each component undergoes meticulous layering onto molds and an extensive 11-hour heat-curing process to guarantee optimal strength. Quality assurance is paramount, with every Joyseat saddle undergoing rigorous inspection by multiple hands to ensure perfection before reaching their customers.



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