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Protiq & Nils Sorger, SOLO Project – 3D-printed Bicycle Helmet


Industry: Commercial Technology: Selective Laser Sintering Material: Lightweight polymer (PA 11) Machine: Farsoon HT403P

Protiq & Nils Sorger, SOLO Project – 3D-printed Bicycle Helmet

Unmatched Protection: Precision-Crafted Additive Manufacturing Helmet.



SOLO, a project designed by Nils Sorger, specifically caters to the needs of individual users by utilizing the precision of 3D scanning to create helmets customized in both form and functionality. This innovative approach represents a paradigm shift in the manufacture of protective equipment, moving away from standardized sizes to offer fully personalized solutions. Central to SOLO's customization process is 3D scanning, which captures detailed measurements and contours of the user's head to ensure a perfect fit. The process begins with a meticulous scan, providing the foundational data for the design. This precision ensures that each helmet is tailored to the individual's unique head shape. Following the 3D scanning, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology is employed to construct the helmet layer by layer from a powdered material. This method creates complex structures, such as ventilation channels and ergonomic features, essential for the SOLO helmet's design. The primary material used is a high-strength yet lightweight polymer (PA 11), derived from renewable castor oil. PA 11 is chosen for its durability and safety, as it does not splinter, making it ideal for protective gear. SLS technology allows for the accurate realization of intricate designs and integrates functional features directly into the helmet structure, such as built-in attachment points for accessories, eliminating the need for additional assembly steps. Once the printing process is complete, the helmet undergoes several post-processing steps. Excess powder is removed and recycled to minimize material waste, followed by sandblasting and dyeing to ensure uniform color and UV resistance. Users can select their preferred color, encouraging regular use of the helmet. This seamless integration of advanced technologies in SOLO's design and manufacturing process ensures that each helmet is both highly functional and uniquely personalized, offering users a level of comfort and safety that standardized sizes cannot match.



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