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Renishaw & Permedica, 3D-printed Medical Components

By Renishaw

Industry: Medical Technology: Laser powder bed fusion Material: Ti64 Machine: RenAM 500Q

Renishaw & Permedica, 3D-printed Medical Components

Revolutionizing healthcare with mass-produced 3D medical components - advancing accessibility, innovation, and patient care.



3D printing has emerged as a game-changer in the medical industry, revolutionizing the production of intricate medical parts with unprecedented precision and customization. Renishaw, a global engineering technologies company, has worked with medical devices specialist Permedica to create additive manufacturing processes for large-scale production of medical components in the healthcare sector, fuelling innovation in the industry. Federico Perego, Sales Manager at Permedica, states that "The RenAM 500Q is a fully automatic machine, including powder sieving operations, meaning that there is no need for operators to oversee this step, saving a great deal of time. Due to our existing relationship with, and knowledge of, Renishaw, we knew that this was the product to go for." The RenAM 500Q increases the appeal of metal additive manufacturing in markets where it was previously not cost-effective, opening up the technology to new industries. It is designed to adapt AM technology for larger production volumes, allowing Permedica to utilize the system for mass production of standard parts rather than customized applications. With a working volume of 250 x 250 x 350 mm and four lasers, the company can meet high production volumes and speeds. Additionally, the system includes automated powder and waste handling systems, which ensure consistent process quality, reduce operator intervention time, and maintain high standards of system safety. Permedica saw an increase in productivity and discovered that parts produced with the RenAM 500Q had better mechanical properties. This allowed the company to expand its additive manufacturing production to other parts. In 2022, Permedica bought two more RenAM 500Q systems to keep up with the growing need for mass-produced medical components in the healthcare industry.



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