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Revo Foods, 3D printed vegan Salmon

By Revo Foods

Technology: FFX2 Material: Mycoprotein Machine: Food fabricator X2 Industry: Commercial

Revo Foods, 3D printed vegan Salmon

Revo Foods hits the market with 3D printed Salmon - fat-saturated vegan seafood alternative



A new wave of innovation is coming - the 3D-printed seafood industry. With sustainability at its core and technology as its driving force, this revolutionary project is poised to redefine the way we think about seafood production. Austrian food-tech company Revo Foods, created in 2020 by founders Robin Simsa, Theresa Rothenbücher, and Manuel Lachmayr produces innovative vegan seafood. Revo Foods pursued the goal of ending overfishing and contributing to the marine ecosystem. As a result, the mission was not only completed but also broke the boundaries of the food industry to the same degree as usual food production. The sustainable alternatives of meat spread around the world on a large scale employing digitalization, which decreases waste in production and allows flexibility of process. Revo Foods went ahead and developed Foods Fabricator X2 for an advanced printing process. It also enables intricate and innovative food design that is complicated or even impossible to achieve through traditional manufacturing methods. Furthermore, the main component of printed salmon is mycoprotein which has an excellent nutritional profile, resulting in Nutriscore “A” for the filet with a high protein and Omega-3 content. Dr Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods, stated : “Our printing technology is based on combining 2 different ingredients into a final product in an additive manufacturing process. This allows us to create new functionalities of foods, such as the integration of a fat component into a plant-protein fiber matrix, which leads to much more authentic behavior of plant-based products. We developed our system for a continuous extrusion process, one of the essential components for large-scale manufacturing. Furthermore, we deploy a multi-nozzle system, which can produce multiple products at the same time, therefore guaranteeing a high output in industrial production”.



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